Peace, quiet, and silence

ThinkingWhile I was away, I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people I hadn’t seen in years. I also met a lot of new people as well. It was a very draining, but also very rewarding experience. I guess it goes to show that if you have the energy to stretch yourself for a little while, the benefits can be awesome. Of course, I can’t stay in ‘extrovert mode’ for very long, but it can be worth it.

I was talking to one person about meeting new people. They mentioned that they were sometimes uncomfortable starting conversations because they hated that ‘awkward silence’ that sometimes happens. They preferred to fill every available moment with conversation, and considered silence to be unwanted. Talking to this particular person made me feel like I was playing a game of ping-pong. Topics and ideas were flying back and forth, there were lots of hand gestures, loud questions, and high energy. While it was a lot of fun to talk to them, it made me appreciate the quieter and deeper conversations I can have with some of my closest friends.

My conversation with this person made me think of how undervalued silence really is. For an introvert, silence and quiet are things to be cherished. Even silence in a conversation doesn’t have to be awkward. When I go for drives with my family, or go out to eat with some of my friends, we’ll slip into a companionable silence just as comfortable as the conversations we share. I really love silence. Silence can portray what words cannot. A loving gaze carries so much more emotion than can be relayed with words. This doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t talk to each other, but rather that silence should be appreciated rather than dreaded.

What do you like about silence?

Image credit: “Quiet I’m Thinking” by Grant MacDonald is licensed under CC by 2.0