Autumn Reflections – Day 30


All things must come to an end. While autumn will technically continue until Dec 22, you can already see the change in the seasons. There’s a covering of snow on the ground and most of the leaves have already fallen from the trees. But with the end of one thing, comes the beginning of another. While autumn is saying its farewells, we can look forward to another season taking its place. Winter is just about here and there are many things to look forward to.

A tangerine and russet cascade of kaleidoscopic leaves, creates a tapestry of autumn magic upon the emerald carpet of fading summer.
-Judith A. Lindberg

Autumn Reflections – Day 4


If autumn were a person, I think they would be an older brother or sister. Autumn has this feeling of sophistication and maturity. Its the most colourful and expressive, but also lends itself to contemplation. Autumn is like a wise adult. They’re the one you go to for advice. The one who listens to your problems without interrupting, offering advice only if you ask it. The one who holds their tongue until they know both sides of the story. The one who doesn’t judge. But at the same time, autumn still feels warm, friendly, and approachable.

On such a day each road is planned to lead to some enchanted land; Each turning meets expectancy. The signs I read on every hand. I know by autumn’s wizardry on such a day the world can be only a great glad dream for me – Only a great glad dream for me!
-Eleanor Myers Jewett

The change of seasons

AutumnIt’s hard to believe its already September. And while the first day of autumn doesn’t officially begin until the 23rd, you can feel a slight chill in the air. It isn’t as hot during the day, and the nights are cooler. There are even a few trees that have already begun to change colour.

Now, I love summer. I love the heat and the sun. I love sitting outside with a cold drink, spending time with friends at festivals, and wearing sandals. I love the heat on my skin, the smell of the grass, and all the good memories that come along with it. So I’m definitely sad that summer is over.

However, if I had to choose a favourite season, it would be autumn. Here are a few things I really love about this season:

The cooler days.
It can still be bright and sunny outside, but without the sweltering heat. I appreciate not being sweaty all the time. I’m also really sensitive to extreme hot and cold temperatures, so when the temperature is in the mid-range, its easier to regulate how I feel.

Cozy clothing.
I love wearing boots, sweaters, light jackets and scarves. There’s something so cozy about layering up and I love wearing fall colours.

Going for walks.
I love walking for hours among the beautiful trees, just taking in the scents and colours of the changing season. I love the feel of the leaves crunching beneath my boots. Autumn also seems to lend itself to contemplation. To pondering the deeper things of life.

Pumpkin things.
I’m not going to lie, one thing that makes autumn even more special is the pumpkin spice lattes you can find at your local coffee shop. They are so yummy and I always make a point of getting one each year.

The feeling and experience.
Its hard to put this one into words. But for me, autumn feels comforting, like a hug. I love the feeling I get when I curl up in a blanket and sit outside. To experience the sounds, scents, and atmosphere of the nature around me. Tea and a book are bonuses. A companion can be nice too, but not required 🙂

What is your favourite season? What are you looking forward to this autumn?

Image credit: “Autumn” by seyed mostafa zamani is licensed under CC by 2.0