Musings on a Sunday evening

TalkingFor the past week and a half, I was completely without internet. So please forgive the brief absence, but I am back and hoping to post a few things about what I got up to while I was gone.

I went down to the States to visit my brother who is living there. It was a lovely visit but also very busy and full of activity. On more than one occasion I wanted to hide under the table. But since that isn’t considered socially acceptable behaviour, I settled for trips to the bathroom instead. Its amazing how much those little breaks help.

But in my conversations with others, I noticed something interesting. A lot of people admitted to needing alone time, or preferring one-on-one conversations. These are things that introverts are generally known for. But these people had no idea that needing these kinds of things, or feeling this way was normal. They thought that they were somehow flawed, or that they needed to “get over it”.

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma associated with introversion. There’s an automatic negative reaction that people have when you mention the word. Its definitely going to take a while to remove that negative image that people have in their minds. Even for me, I have to keep reminding myself that being introverted is a positive thing, and that introverts have so much to offer their friends, family, and society.

It made me realize how grateful I am to know that I’m an introvert. And to know what that really means. Now, I’m not going to tell people that they’re introverted, because if I don’t know them well, I could easily be mistaken. But what I tried to do was reassure them that needing quiet time wasn’t a bad thing. Because its during those quiet times of reflection that we learn who we are as people. We learn what is important to us. We mull ideas over in our minds and make decisions and judgments. Being introverted is just as good as being extroverted, and vice versa. I look forward to the day when everyone has a more balanced idea of what introversion really is.

Do you tell others about introversion? How do you approach it?

Image credit: “Talking on the edge in Zurich” by Alexandre Dulaunoy is licensed under CC by 2.0