Finding Joy

These past 10 months have been difficult. You can reference my May post for context if you’d like. But things have been getting brighter and clearer recently. The numbness persisted for a long time. It’s a strange feeling that’s not easy to explain or describe. I could enjoy time with friends but still feel empty. I could watch funny movies and laugh, but it felt shallow. 

But things are slowly improving. I spent a weekend camping with friends and family and it was lovely. I needed the break, the time in nature and quiet, and the freedom of a weekend without a strict schedule. I came back feeling so refreshed. I feel more hopeful and at peace than I’ve felt in a very long time. And I’ve started to rediscover joy. Photography and ballroom dancing being two of those things. And I know things will be okay. I hope you are all doing well 🙂 


9 Ways to recover from burnout

beach-woman-1149088_1920This is my third and final post on the topic of social events. In a perfect world, I’d have plenty of time to prepare for an event, I’d pace myself, and I’d leave with energy to spare. Unfortunately, real life rarely goes according to plan. I wanted to share a few things I do after a social event to recharge.

1. Put things away.
As soon as I get home, I put away everything I’ve brought with me. I hang up my coat, put my shoes in the closet, and tuck away my bag. This is sometimes hard when all I feel like doing is falling into my bed. But keeping my room clean makes me feel better.

2. Don’t overanalyze.
Don’t beat yourself up over what you may have said or done. There will be time for self-reflection later. Don’t dwell on the negatives. Focus on giving yourself time to recharge.

3. Recharge.
Take the quiet time you need. Make sure you’re alone. Do things that make you feel happy and refreshed. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. You’re worth taking care of.

4. Laugh.
Laughter is great for stress relief and I always feel so much better after watching a funny movie or comedy videos on Youtube.

5. Mentally prepare for future interaction.
You’ll have to eventually go to work, interact with family, grocery shop, etc. Mentally prepare yourself to interact with people. Or take measures to minimize your energy drain. A pair of headphones helps shut out most of the chatter at the grocery store. And self-checkouts are a lifesaver.

6. Connect with loved ones.
As both introverts and human beings, we crave meaningful connections. Take the alone time you need. But take time afterward to connect with those you care about.

7. Create an oasis in your home.
Make a space in your home that can be used for quiet. Put things in it that you love. My favourite place is a comfy armchair in my room. It’s draped with cozy throws and pillows. I love curling up in it while reading a good book. If that’s not possible, a quiet spot outside can work beautifully too.

8. Take lots of small breaks.
It’s usually not feasible to disappear for days or weeks on end. Try to work quiet time into your daily schedule. It will help keep you refreshed throughout the week. Some things I enjoy doing include light reading before bed, going for a walk, working out, dancing, cooking while listening to my favourite podcast, planning out my week, and taking care of my herb garden.

9. Don’t feel guilty.
Being introverted is a gift and is just as wonderful as being extroverted. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Also, there’s nothing wrong with you. You aren’t defective or somehow less of a person because of the way you function. You are an incredible individual with so much potential.

Do you have any other tips or tricks?

Home again


Just a quick note to let you know that I arrived home safely. Currently dealing with some jet lag but feeling pretty good otherwise. It was an incredible trip and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all once I’m feeling a bit more normal. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

Routine & peace of mind

japan-1778543_1920Life has been going a lot more smoothly. Even though the situation at work and home hasn’t changed, I’m a lot more at peace.

I got fed up of being overwhelmed. I was tired of catering to others while ignoring my own physical and mental needs. I was tired of running on empty and constantly fending off burnout. I’ve been taking a lot more alone time and it’s made a huge difference. It’s amazing what such a “small” thing can do!

I’m still doing the same things. My weeks are full of work, household tasks, workouts, dance, walks, social time with friends, chats with my roommate and countless other things. But I no longer feel stretched thin. I’ve also gotten to connect more with my family, something I’ve missed due to busy schedules. That’s also helped me feel more grounded.

I’ve been trying to be more proactive as well. If I’m starting to overthink things or stress out, I’ll change my focus. Pick up a book, change my task, or put on some happy music. Michael Buble’s ‘I believe in you’ is currently on repeat. I’ve embraced being quiet in conversations. I’ll contribute if I want to (rather than feeling obligated). I intentionally take things slow when I can. So I can appreciate the journey and the process.

As I’ve embraced my quiet nature I’ve gotten more patient. I have more energy on a daily basis. I’m more open to random conversations with my roommate (as long as it’s outside my quiet time). Everything goes better. So I think I’ll keep this up 🙂

How is your week going so far?