A small update of sorts

Life has been difficult as of late. I haven’t written in ages. And I feel a bit bad about that. About 6 months ago I lost a close family member. Since that point it’s been difficult to write out how I was feeling. Or even muster up the motivation to write anything. But I didn’t want to totally lose the connection I had with you all.

I’m doing a lot better now. The shock and the strong emotions are not as tumultuous and strong as they were initially. I’m not back to normal, I don’t think that anyone is ever truly the same after loss. Grief hasn’t been an enjoyable journey, but I can empathize now. I’ve been spending lots of time with family and friends and engaging in creative pursuits that have helped me recapture joy in my daily life. I’ve restarted my fitness journey and enjoy going for long walks outside. I’m just grateful the weather has warmed up and I’m able to enjoy the spring weather. I’m also making sure I get enough quality quiet time when I need.

I am planning on writing a little more frequently, but will start slow. I hope you are all doing well, please take care 🙂