Finally, an update

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything substantial. Life has continued to be fairly quiet. Mostly due to restrictions and lack of social events to attend. Things are starting to open up a bit now, so I’ve been able to return to the gym and dance studio. The extra physical activity has really boosted my mood. And I feel like I have more motivation to do things now which has been nice.

The weather has been beautiful and sunny lately, so I’ve been going for lots of walks and soaking up the vitamin D. I also played soccer with my brother the other day which was a lot of fun. We’re hoping to do a few more things like that throughout the summer.

Unfortunately, the restrictions have also kept my outgoing, gregarious, extroverted roommate at home too. She has no social outlets (other than the people at work) and so she spends most of her time with me. And I’ve been slowly burning out. I feel like I need a long break from human interaction. I work in an open office (with social distancing) so there’s always constant chatter and phone calls. After work, I have an hour of quiet until my roommate gets back. Not only does she constantly talk, but she’s also touchy-feely and gets in my personal space. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my room with my noise cancelling headphones and that’s helped.

On the plus side, my roommate is currently taking a 3-day night class. On Monday and Tuesday, she was gone the entire evening. It was glorious. Her last day is today and I’m looking forward to the solitude. This has been the first time I’ve been totally alone (for more than an hour) for months. I finally feel a little more normal.

Anyways, I hope you are doing well. Sending lots of good vibes your way!

Small updates

Work has slowed down a bit and I find myself with a few moments of quiet. So I thought I’d write a small update. Things are still far from normal and I’ve been struggling a bit with motivation. I had great intentions of keeping this blog updated more frequently, and it’s still something I’d like to do, but it’s been a struggle. It doesn’t help that the weather outside has been cold and dreary most of the time haha. I’m certainly looking forward to spring and warmer weather.

I’ve just recently rediscovered the joy of writing short stories and scripts. And I’ve picked up my drawing pencil again. These small acts of creativity have helped brighten my days. I hope all of you are doing well, and if not, keep holding on. I hope things will take a turn for the better soon. Feel free to say hello if you’d like, it’s always a joy hearing from you 🙂

Quick life update

girl-983969_1920Things have been pretty quiet lately with the current Covid-19 situation. I’m one of the lucky ones who is still able to work. Local regulations still allow for small offices under 10 people to operate as long as we’re social distancing. I’m grateful for the routine of work, it helps keep me grounded. I know many who have lost their jobs.

Other than going to work and the grocery store, I’ve been staying at home. As an introvert, this doesn’t bother me too much. The challenge comes when my extroverted roommate is also at home, which is all the time. It’s been a period of learning. Some days we’ll chat after work and eat supper together. Other nights I hole up in my room, shut the door, and put in headphones. Spending time alone working on hobbies or reading a book is an essential part of my day.

With gyms and dance studios closed, I’ve had to be more creative. Sometimes I do a strength workout with my limited fitness equipment. Other days I’ll dance to salsa to burn off stress. Or if I don’t have enough time for a full-length session, I’ll go for a short walk around the nearby pond. I’ve also been finding solace in indoor gardening. Since I live in a condo, I don’t have the benefit of an outdoor plot. But tending to my small collection of plants gives me peace of mind.

I hope you’re all doing as well as possible and that you’re staying safe. How have you been doing?