Introvert struggles

people-2558290_1920Things have been good overall. Work is going well and I’m keeping busy and have lots to do. My weekends have been a lot of fun and show no signs of slowing down until after August. But I’ve been getting more quiet time during the week to compensate and it’s helping. I’ve been ramping up my workouts after a bout of illness. I’m getting back to where I was before and the endorphins are always a plus. I’ve been having a lot of fun with my dance classes. I’ve been attending classes for nearly 5 months and have gotten to know a few of the other regulars at the studio. I’m in the middle of planning out my next adventure this autumn which I’m excited for. There are a lot of awesome things going on in my life right now.

But at home I’m pretty stressed out. Apparently a closed door means I want to be disturbed with questions. And there’s more to it than just that. I feel claustrophobic and dread going home sometimes. Despite the fact that it’s my own place.

She’s younger than I am. I totally understand living on your own can be scary. It takes time to figure things out. Even I don’t have everything figured out, that’s life. But she’s extremely clingy, copies everything I do, and wants to spend every waking moment with me. It’s stifling. We’re stuck together for the foreseeable future and I’m not sure if anything is going to change. I’m willing to talk but she soon forgets what we’ve discussed and we’re back to square one. It feels like she’s not listening at all.

Any advice or ideas to help me out?

6 introvert pet peeves

cold-1284030_1920Life has been a bit overwhelming lately. Although getting more quiet time definitely helps. To lighten things up, I’d like to share 6 introvert pet peeves I’ve experienced in the past couple of weeks.

1. Unexpected phone calls.
These are the worst. The ringing breaks my focus and leaves me dazed. I’ll stare blankly at the bright screen and ponder whether I should answer. If it’s close family, I usually will. But I’ll let most calls to go voicemail. Then I can return the call when I’m mentally prepared.

2. Being volunteered to do things.
Don’t get me wrong, I love helping others. But just because I volunteered a few months ago doesn’t mean I’m automatically up for doing it again. Do me the courtesy of asking and don’t be offended if I say no. I also refuse to stay longer than I’ve originally stated (unless you’re very special to me).

3. When your quiet coffee date becomes a group outing.
I love people. Mostly in small doses and one-on-one. When it turns into a large, boisterous, group outing, interesting conversation tends to die out and it becomes a free for all.

4. Small talk with the cashier after a rough day.
I try my best to be courteous and friendly. But if I’m burned out, my conversation skills disappear and I’m likely to make a fool of myself. Self checkouts become my best friend.

5. When people crowd me.
I can’t stand it when people stand super close. This happens at grocery stores, in lines at the bank, at malls, etc. Please stop. It’s creepy and awkward.

6. Repeating yourself because the other person wasn’t paying attention.
Your lack of attention does not necessitate me repeating myself. Please at least pretend that you find what I say interesting. That’s what I’m doing for you 😉

Hope you have a great week! What are some of your pet peeves?