Going solo

Beautiful oceanDoing things by yourself has a certain stigma. While you’re probably used to seeing people on their own at coffee shops, just try going for dinner by yourself. You’ll probably receive pitying looks from those around you. “Oh, you couldn’t get someone to come with you?” their glances seem to say.

I think aloneness is a concept that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Why do something by yourself, if you can invite all your friends? I’ve run into groups of acquaintances at the mall who seem shocked that I’m shopping by myself. I prefer shopping by myself, its easier to get everything done efficiently and I can take as many breaks as I need. While I do enjoy the company of others (in smaller amounts), I also enjoying doing things alone. I like to call it going solo.

This past Sunday I had the most amazing day. I was originally going to hang out at a festival with a good friend. Unfortunately, she got called into work and we had to cancel our plans. I decided to go anyway. I was there for two hours, but because I was on my own, I was able to step out of the crowd and take breaks whenever I started feeling too uncomfortable. Being able to take those breaks allowed me to really enjoy the atmosphere. At the two hour mark, I was feeling on the edge, and had already seen everything, so I decided to head in another direction.

I walked into the downtown core and got some sushi for lunch. I then spent the next couple of hours walking along the river, stopping to watch the water, and taking pictures. It was so relaxing and so beautiful. Eventually I decided to head home as I still had some things I needed to do. I arrived home physically tired but not as mentally drained as I usually am after an excursion. Spending time near the river really helped to restore and rejuvenate me.

Although I would have loved to spend time with my friend, I still had an incredible time going solo.

What do you like to do on your own?

Image credit: “Let me fly away with you” by Daniel Hoherd is licensed under CC by 2.0