Autumn thankfulness – Day 11

The scent of rain
There’s an intriguing scent that fills the air before and during a rain shower. It’s clean and earthy and always makes me feel a bit nostalgic. Apparently there’s even a word for it: petrichor. The combination of this and the sound of rain hitting the ground is so calming for me.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 10

Soaking in an onsen
One of my favourite experiences in Japan was soaking in an onsen. Their public bathhouses require some specific etiquette, but it’s well worth a visit. They usually have an array of different temperature baths to choose from. I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I’m looking forward to going back again at some point.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 9

Ballroom & Latin Dance
I’m extremely reserved and often have difficulty showing my true self to others. Expressing myself through movement has been so freeing and therapeutic. I can dance elegantly with a waltz, be dramatic and over-the-top in tango, or have fun in a flirty cha cha. It’s wonderful stress relief too.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 7

The ocean
My favourite place is by the ocean. I have so many fond memories of walking along the beach, dipping my toes in icy water, running headlong into the waves, searching for pretty rocks and shells, building sand castles, and exploring tide pools. The smell of the salt air and sound of the waves is my happy place.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 6

Laughing so hard you cry
I have a couple of friends that I can get really silly with. While we’re capable of serious discussion, many of our conversations devolve into complete insanity. We’ll sit there and laugh until tears roll down our cheeks while everyone looks at us like we’re crazy. It’s a good time and so cathartic.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 5

Random acts of kindness
There’s something incredibly special about both giving and receiving random acts of kindness. Whether it’s holding open a door, paying it forward at the coffee shop, or smiling at a stranger from across the room. These moments create a bright spot and inspire me to share more kindness with others.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 4

Beautiful sunrises & sunsets
Few things are as beautiful and stirring as a gorgeous sunrise or sunset. It’s a magical experience watching the vivid colours shift, meld, and blend together across the sky. Some photographs can capture the physical beauty but it can’t replicate the feelings and emotions that go through your mind as you’re watching the sky.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 3

The opportunity to travel
Travel is such an incredible educational and mind opening experience. It broadens your horizons and gives you a different perspective on life. My favourite places to travel so far are the Philippines and Japan, two very different countries. But the experiences and memories I have are something I hold dear and I hope to return to both in the future.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 2

Quiet time
As an introvert, one of the best things in the world is quiet time. It gives me a chance to recharge and restore myself. With ample quiet time, I’m able to head into life’s adventures with a positive mindset and optimistic outlook. Being able to enjoy time by myself is also something I’m grateful for (as I know some who can’t stand to be alone for any amount of time).