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Hey there,

How are you? I know most people ask this question without really wanting to hear your answer. But I’m interested. How’s school or work going? Do you have any fun and fulfilling hobbies? I hope things haven’t been too overwhelming for you. I hope you’re getting the quiet time you need.

You’re a pretty interesting person and although not everyone will understand you, that’s okay. Don’t feel pressured to conform to how society thinks you should act. You have a special way of viewing and interacting with the world. You notice the small things others don’t. You have the ability to appreciate the world on a deeper level. This is a gift.

Don’t worry if you need quiet time after a busy day. For an introvert, that’s perfectly normal. There’s nothing wrong with you. People will sometimes accuse you of being rude, snobby, or uncaring. But in reality, we care deeply. It’s hard to articulate the depth of our feelings. How do you voice emotion using mere words?

I want you to know you aren’t alone. I’m cheering for you (quietly on the sidelines) as you face your struggles and grow as an individual. Some may accuse us of being weak, but the truth is the opposite. Having to push through adversity makes us stronger, and living in an extroverted society creates plenty of opportunities for growth. You have so many incredible strengths.

Don’t be afraid to push past your comfort zone, learn new things, and embrace new experiences.  You can always take some alone time afterwards to reflect. Just make sure you have enough energy to enjoy the experiences you’re engaging in. Also, please don’t feel guilty for taking quiet time to recharge. Looking after yourself isn’t selfish.

Looking forward to hearing back from you and I hope you have a great rest of the week!

Take care,

I also wanted to share a quick update with everyone.

I recently submitted an article to Introvert Dear and it was published today! You can check it out here if you’re interested. I wrote about some of my struggles growing up as a quiet introvert. I was inspired by Lauren, one of the writers I follow on here. Her post is about having ‘Resting Sad Face‘ and I really enjoyed reading it. So go check hers out too!

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