The first taste of autumn

autumn-1869160_1920I can already feel the first stirrings of autumn. The air is tinged with crispness and a few over-eager trees are already showing signs of yellow and orange hues.

I’m a little bit in denial. My summer was great. But weatherwise, it was lacking in the heat and sunshine departments. I took advantage of the nice weather as much as I could. But when you work indoors, the weekends never seem long enough.

But I am starting to get genuinely excited for the change of season. Pumpkin spiced foods and beverages are out in full force now. There’s nothing like sipping a spicy chai latte whilst meandering along leafy paths, crisp leaves crunching satisfyingly beneath my boots. Or cool evenings where I can snuggle up in a mountain of cozy blankets, sipping a mug of steaming tea or cider while engrossed in a good book.

Yesterday was a good day too. I had an entire afternoon of quiet (for the first time in months). My roommate was still around, so I didn’t have the place entirely to myself. But I closed my door, put in my headphones, and spent the afternoon tidying and organizing my room. I also pulled out my fall clothing. I love the warm flannels, cozy sweaters, and fall colour palettes of the season.

What is your favourite part of autumn?

The return of autumn

autumnal-leaves-1698035There’s no denying fall has arrived. While the days have remained warm and sunny, a cool tinge has started creeping into the air in the evenings. The trees have also been slowing transforming into orange and golden masterpieces. As I’ve written before, autumn is my favourite season for many reasons. But mainly because of how beautiful it is. None of the other seasons can compare with the glorious explosion of colour that manifest itself in autumn.

There really is nothing like the dark, woodsy smell of autumn. It reminds me of so many good memories. Days spent at my grandparent’s rural home, as my brother and I ran along back roads down to the train bridge, wading in the cool water below, or balancing precariously on ancient wooden beams spotted with tar. Weekends spent at the family cabin, racing down the grassy path barefoot, the smell of woods and salt air filling my senses. Or racing my bicycle down a leaf-covered path, the wheels sending crisp leaves flying into the air.

Autumn is the perfect time for musing, contemplation, and reflection. I love getting lost in thought as I wander along a path littered with freshly fallen leaves, my boots crunching as I walk. As much as I love the hot stickiness of summer, autumn cools everything off and slows things down. I also love pulling out my cozy fall clothing: comfy scarves, jackets, and boots.

Of course, there are all the other things that come with autumn too. It’s the perfect time for comfort foods and I love baking goodies to give to others. There’s the alluring smells of pumpkin and chai lattes and spicy scented candles. There’s the chill air that nips at your nose and cheeks, leaving behind a rosy glow. What a lovely time of year! I really do wish it lasted longer 😉

What do you love about autumn?