Cancelled plans

cuddlesThis has probably happened to most people. You make plans with someone to go out for coffee, dinner, etc. Then a few hours or the day before the date arrives, you get a phone call, email or text message. They can’t make it, they’re really sorry, and maybe you can reschedule. A lot of people are probably disappointed when they get that message. All I feel is relief and excitement that my time has opened up. And the funny thing is, I used to feel guilty too. Yes, I felt guilty that the other person cancelled and that I wasn’t disappointed.

Even if I’ve been looking forward to seeing them, I’m also happy that I have some free time. And in most cases, the date can usually be rescheduled. It’s like getting a little gift in the middle of the day. You thought you had to go out, eventually becoming overwhelmed and tired. But now, you have an open space in your day and you can do anything. It has so much potential. You could go to the gym. You could be productive and get things accomplished. Or you could curl up with a book and enjoy some quiet time.

I’m not anti-social. I love people and I love spending time with them in small doses. But I also love those unexpected moments of quiet.

How do you react to cancelled plans?

Image credit: “Cuddles” by Eve is licensed under CC by 2.0