Autumn is coming!

It’s nearly that time of year already and I’m so excited! I am planning on sharing a few autumn-related posts as we move towards and through this beautiful season. Please enjoy a lovely poem on autumn below 🙂

To Autumn

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;
To bend with apples the moss’d cottage-trees,
And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core;
To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells
With a sweet kernel; to set budding more,
And still more, later flowers for the bees,
Until they think warm days will never cease,
For Summer has o’er-brimm’d their clammy cells…
Where are the songs of Spring? Ay, where are they?
Think not of them, thou hast thy music too,—
While barred clouds bloom the soft-dying day,
And touch the stubble-plains with rosy hue;
Then in a wailful choir the small gnats mourn
Among the river sallows, borne aloft
Or sinking as the light wind lives or dies;
And full-grown lambs loud bleat from hilly bourn;
Hedge-crickets sing; and now with treble soft
The red-breast whistles from a garden-croft;
And gathering swallows twitter in the skies.

-John Keats

I hope you have a wonderful day!



I’ve been a bit out of sorts lately. I think it’s due to the rainy, snowy weather we’ve been getting recently. I love the crisp fall air, colourful leaves, and the atmosphere of the season. But it can also get cold and drizzly which isn’t nearly as pleasant. Here’s hoping the weather will warm up again, even for a little. As you may have noticed, I was away for a couple of weeks. Then came back to chaos at work and the catching up process. We’re also down a couple of people due to vacations, so it’s been extra hectic. I’ve been really mentally drained and burned out.

But I’m learning to be kind to myself and have given myself permission to rest. In my free time I’ve been spending a lot of time reading and thinking. I’ve been tidying up my personal spaces at home which makes me feel productive. I’ve been cooking lots of comfort foods, which is especially nice with the cool weather outside. And I’ve been investing time in a new friendship which has brought me joy. I’ve also been more motivated to write, so hopefully I can share more content on here too.

So while there is struggle, there’s also been positivity. How have you been faring lately?

Autumn thankfulness – Day 21

All of you!
Thank you so much for continuing to support my blog. I really appreciate everyone who reads my posts, follows my blog, comments on my thoughts, and has connected with me. I wouldn’t have continued writing this long if it wasn’t for everyone I’ve met along the way. Thanks so much for spending time here with me 🙂

Autumn thankfulness – Day 20

Physical health
Despite a lot of food sensitivities and intolerances, I’m still able to function fairly normally. I’m grateful for what I’m able to do. I know many people with chronic health issues who struggle with daily tasks. I’m also grateful for the ability to workout and dance. Both have helped to build my strength, conditioning, balance, and confidence.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 19

The beauty of each season
One of the perks of living in North America is that I get to experience every season. Spring is beautiful and full of colourful flowers and fresh growth. Summer is wonderfully warm and lazy, with days spent by the river. Autumn is full of gorgeous colour and nostalgic scents. Winter is still and quiet and beautiful, especially when the landscape is blanketed in snow.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 18

A clutter-free, minimalist home
I love coming home to a clean, tidy, organized, minimally-decorated space. As soon as I walk in the door I feel a sense of peace and comfort. Everything has its place and there’s no clutter. At the moment I’m living with someone who does not share my ideals. But my personal areas are spotless and I try to keep the living room tidy. Small victories 🙂

Autumn thankfulness – Day 16

Romantic memories
There’s something wonderful about being in love. Having a special connection with another. All the memories the two of you share. Time spent together, your first kiss, the mundane daily activities you shared. Even though my past relationships may not have worked out, I still learned a lot about myself, others, and life.

Autumn thankfulness – Day 15

Acting like a kid again
Adulthood is hard. It’s full of responsibilities, challenges, and trials. Sometimes it’s fun to let loose and act like a kid again. Run through crunchy leaves in the autumn. Have snowball fights and drink hot chocolate in the winter. Splash through puddles and dance in the rain in the spring. Dip your toes in a creek or lake in the summer. Enjoy life and just play.