Summer musings

girl-380621_1920.jpgLife has been rather hectic lately. I’ve been bouncing from weekend to weekend, with barely enough time to recharge in between. However, I’ve been able to avoid complete burnout, which is a new feeling, and very enjoyable. It’s far easier to recharge from 10% than from 0%. While I still make bad decisions at times, this summer has been full of positive experiences and I’m excited for the future.

I no longer force myself to do something simply to please others. While I may feel a bit guilty at first, I’ll counter that feeling by reminding myself how vital alone time is. By showing respect to myself, I’m showing others I’m worthy of respect. I’m also pretty stubborn, so if someone pressures me to do something I don’t want to, I’ll typically dig in my heels. Perhaps not the best attribute, but it comes in handy when dealing with pushy people 😉

I also find that, as I get older, I care less and less what others think of me. It’s been such a freeing and wonderful feeling. In the past, I worked hard to be as “fun” as possible but it was at the expense of my peace of mind and I was miserable. I’ve come to realize that not everyone is going to like me, and that’s perfectly okay.

These changes have occurred because of a few amazing people in my life. Several of my close friends and family are incredibly perceptive. They can tell if something is bothering me and they’ll ask me about it. Or if I’m interrupted, they’ll always ask me what I was going to say. I know I’m being heard and I know they truly care. It’s helped me become more vulnerable with them and I want to encourage others the same way.

And thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my blog, I’m so appreciative and grateful for your support and I’m happy you’re here!

How’s your summer been?