Life updates

girl-2626753_1920Life has been hectic lately. I feel like I write this a lot. It seems to come in cycles. My work and social life pick up and things get so busy that I’m hanging on for dear life, just waiting for the ride to stop. Then I pick myself up, collect my thoughts, and take time to recharge.

It’s not a healthy cycle. I don’t enjoy burnout and the irritability that comes with it. With winter approaching, my social calendar has slowed. I’ve taken lots of quiet time to recharge and it’s been wonderfully freeing.

It’s also given me time to sit back and assess what I need to do going forward. I need to be more mindful and deliberate in how I spend my time and energy. It all comes back to the same issue: I have trouble saying no.

So to keep things simple, when I receive an invitation, I’m going to ask myself two questions. Do I want to go? If the answer is yes, and I have the energy, I’ll go. Pretty simple.

If the answer to my first question is no, I’ll follow up with another. Does this hold value for me? Spending time with people close to me is worth it. Even if I’m not at 100%. But a loud get-together with casual acquaintances is going to be a no.

Do you have any rules when it comes to socializing?