6 Things About Me

On a lighter note, I wanted to share a few things about me. Let me know if you feel similarly, or if you’re completely different. I always enjoy hearing from you 🙂

I enjoy a slower pace of living.
I love mornings on the weekend. Since I don’t have to rush to work, I can take my time getting up. I’ll brew up a mug of coffee whilst checking on my plants and making sure they’re watered and happy. I’ll wander around the living room and tidy things up. Or nestle onto the couch and watch the bright sunshine stream in through the open windows. It’s the perfect way to start the day.

I prefer being alone most of the time.
I rarely find myself feeling lonely. Ironically, I often feel the most alone when I’m in a crowd of people. But when I’m at home, puttering around, or spending time on creative pursuits, I feel very content. I still enjoy the company of people, just in small doses.

I have a calming presence.
I’ve had people tell me that spending time with me calms them down. Even in stressful situations, I apparently give off chill and relaxed vibes. I guess that’s a good thing as I like making people feel comfortable.

Most people don’t know the real me.
On the outside I’m quiet and reserved while still being friendly. But if you’re paying attention, you might notice I don’t share a whole lot about me. Only a few have seen me at my most authentic and vulnerable.

I hate small talk.
Years of customer service has honed my ability to converse in small talk. But I still don’t enjoy it. I can tolerate it as a way to break the ice. But when the entire conversation is small talk, I find myself going just a little bit insane. I then start plotting ways to excuse myself and escape the conversation. I have even hid in washrooms to avoid small talk.

I don’t answer the phone very often.
If I don’t recognize a name or number, I won’t pick up. If it’s important they’ll leave a message. I’ve also been known to stare at incoming calls and let them go to voicemail. Then I call back when I’m mentally prepared to talk.


10 thoughts on “6 Things About Me

  1. VTNessa says:

    Yes! All of these. Well, technically, I don’t know that anyone has specifically said I “calm” them but I have been told I’m as good as a therapist to talk to and they always feel better after speaking to me. I consider that in the realm of “calm.”

    These are all quite true of me as well. Is there one creative pursuit that stands out as most relaxing for you?

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    • Ally says:

      That’s great others find you easy to talk to 🙂 Hmm, that’s a good question. I guess I find drawing/sketching the most relaxing. There’s no pressure to perform and it’s fun to create things with graphite, ink, and markers. Plus you can make things like cards and give them as gifts, bonus!


      • VTNessa says:

        My apologies if I’m being too nosy, but what do you like to sketch most? Landscapes, animals, people, etc. I was obsessed with sketching horses as a girl, and it sometimes was reflected in my school grades, haha. Drawing horses was ever so much more interesting than algebra though!

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        • Ally says:

          I love sketching still life scenes, doodling flowers and plants, and working on cartoons/comics. I was always jealous of people who could draw horses, I could never get the proportions right 😉 Agreed, I always preferred art to math haha!


          • VTNessa says:

            Well, I have more talent in drawing horses than the average non-sketching person, but I wouldn’t say I ever got the proportions right either… 🤣 I just enjoyed it. 🙂 I’m sure you’ve brought many a smile to those who have received your artwork on cards and such.

            Hope you have a lovely day!

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  2. Warrior Freya says:

    A lot of what you shared is very similar to my personality/life.

    Moving to Nebraska from Orlando. FL was one of the best choices I made because the pace of life is here definitely slower.

    “Me Time” is a necessity for me, not just a want. It’s the time where I can write, hear my own thoughts, figure out my emotions, battle-plan goals and projects, and, in general, recover from work and life frustrations. It’s my reset time. If I don’t get to “turn-off” I burn out.
    I do have a calming presence, especially in stressful situations, but without the downtime to recharge I become short-tempered and compassion fatigued.

    Small talk suuuuucks. If we’re not going to talk about something worthwhile then why are we talking? I have better things to spend my energy on.

    I share as much as other people are willing to share. Being vulnerable, open, honest, and authentic can be hard, but that’s where real connections come from. I want real, not fakeness. There is enough of that in the world. If you’re not going to give the “real” you then you’re not going to get the “real” me.

    I’m also awful about answering my phone. Totally one of the worst people you could try to call in an emergency. I’ve let my phone ring to voice mail on more than on occasion for even important people like my brother or dad. Sometimes it’s because work was rough and I haven’t had enough time to decompress. Other times I’m just peopled out and even the thought of the 30 seconds it would take to answer the phone and say, “Hey. It’s nothing personal, but can we talk later?” seems so daunting and impossible it makes me want to cry. I’ve gotten better about at least sending a text to let people know I’m ok and will reach out later, but yeah… I don’t answer numbers I don’t know and even if I do know who’s calling it’s a crap shoot.

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    • Ally says:

      Oh, I feel all of that deeply. I think we share a lot of similarities when it comes to our personalities. I’m definitely trying to be more open in general, but I agree with you. If someone isn’t open with me, I have no desire to open myself up. It’s give and take. Thanks so much for sharing, I really do appreciate it. And it’s great hearing from you again. I hope life is treating you well, and if not, keep hanging in there. Sending all the love and good vibes your way ❤

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