The first taste of autumn

autumn-1869160_1920I can already feel the first stirrings of autumn. The air is tinged with crispness and a few over-eager trees are already showing signs of yellow and orange hues.

I’m a little bit in denial. My summer was great. But weatherwise, it was lacking in the heat and sunshine departments. I took advantage of the nice weather as much as I could. But when you work indoors, the weekends never seem long enough.

But I am starting to get genuinely excited for the change of season. Pumpkin spiced foods and beverages are out in full force now. There’s nothing like sipping a spicy chai latte whilst meandering along leafy paths, crisp leaves crunching satisfyingly beneath my boots. Or cool evenings where I can snuggle up in a mountain of cozy blankets, sipping a mug of steaming tea or cider while engrossed in a good book.

Yesterday was a good day too. I had an entire afternoon of quiet (for the first time in months). My roommate was still around, so I didn’t have the place entirely to myself. But I closed my door, put in my headphones, and spent the afternoon tidying and organizing my room. I also pulled out my fall clothing. I love the warm flannels, cozy sweaters, and fall colour palettes of the season.

What is your favourite part of autumn?

5 thoughts on “The first taste of autumn

  1. VTNessa says:

    I love walking through the woods as the leaves are changing colors, listening to the already-fallen leaves crunching beneath my feet and smelling the coolness in the air. I love to take my camera up to a mountain top and snag pictures of the treetops with their changing colors dripping down. Autumn can be such a lovely season!

    Yay for your quiet afternoon at home! 🙂 Glad you had that time for yourself- so important for us introverts!


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