6 Tips to Stay Organized

coffee-1276778_1920Things have been fairly busy lately. With sickness running rampant at the office, tasks have been piling up. I’ve been getting ready for my best friend’s wedding later this month. Add workouts and dance classes and catching up with old friends and you have a very busy mix.

I wanted to share a few things I do to stay organized. If you have any suggestions on being more efficient I’d love to hear them too!

1. Make all the lists
Every time you think of something that needs to be done, write it down. This can be done on an actual piece of paper or on your phone/computer. I like to make a giant to-do list, then create separate lists for grocery trips, trip planning, packing lists, etc.

2. Prioritize your tasks
Break down your to-do lists into two parts. Time-sensitive, must-do tasks. And everything else. That way you can focus on the urgent tasks and do the rest when you have the time. It also ensures you don’t forget about something that needs to be done ASAP.

3. Break it down
When approaching a huge task (like planning a vacation), it can easily get overwhelming, especially for an introvert. Write down all the small steps (figuring out accommodations, find flights, car rental, money exchange, etc) that lead to finishing the big task. Then start working on them one at a time. It’s way less stressful.

4. Use a day planner or organizer
Set aside time during the week to fill out a weekly planner. Start by writing down all your daily tasks first (work, food prep, laundry, workouts, etc). Then add all your urgent tasks (like work or personal projects). Extra spaces can be filled with hobbies, social time, or recharge time. My personal favourite is the Passion Planner, but there are tons out there.

5. Stick to it
Follow the schedule you’ve made up. The first few weeks will be full of trial and error. You may need to make adjustments here and there. But stick with it, it’s worth the effort.

6. Reward yourself 
Treat yourself when you’ve been successful in staying on track. Then keep up the good work!

Do you have any other tips or tricks?


6 thoughts on “6 Tips to Stay Organized

  1. sneezypb says:

    It started with trying to help the teenager with chores, I got an app called OurHome. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.getfairshare.ourhome Basically, everything he is supposed to do was set up in it with points equaling how many minutes a task takes. If he earns the number of points, then he can claim a reward. The top two are $20 cash or a $25 gift card to the game system he uses. (The later charges a certain amount per month for him to play with his friends.)

    I started using it in part because I would claim the points when he wasn’t doing things. I ended up adding the things I need to do, because it really is a good system.

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  2. MaKupsy says:

    7. Put your calendar where you can see it. I’m old school so I do things manually. I make sure that I stick my calendar on my fridge and sometimes on my mirror as a daily reminder of things I need to do.

    This was a great list. I could relate to all the tips especially the one that involves taking time out to plan your day(s) I use Sundays for this and it helps me get through the week and get things done.

    This was a really informative post, I loved it!

    MaKupsy : https://makupsy.wordpress.com/

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