The simple life

architecture-1087820_1920I love a simple life. A quiet existence where I have everything I need and nothing more. Having too much stuff distracts me from what’s really important. It’s the people who matter to me, not the things. I want my mind to be free to focus on what I value: my relationships and self-improvement.

Unfortunately, I have a pack-rat for a roommate. She displays knickknacks throughout the living room and likes to stack her entire tea collection on the kitchen counter. But it’s her space too, so I try to keep things in perspective.

While I may not have complete control over the shared spaces, my room is different. My room is my sanctuary. It’s clean and quiet. There’s no clutter. A few frames adorn the walls, a string of lights, some travel shots. It’s a cute room with matching colours and simple pleasures. It’s very much me. It’s my escape and where I go to unwind.

Since our shift into winter, I’ve had more time to clean and tidy up indoors. I can remove the clutter that slowly piles up and reclaim the quiet corners of my room. This past week I’ve gone through my room, closet, and storage bins, purging them of unnecessary items. It’s a work in progress but clearing out space in my closet is so addicting!

How’s your week been?


8 thoughts on “The simple life

  1. Eureka says:

    It’s been a productive week. Thank you for asking.

    Work has taken me outside of my comfort zone, but I’m finding that my little, quiet sanctuary will always be there for me.

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  2. live_a_life_less_ordinary says:

    My week has been exhausting. I’ve had meetings and lots of extra work. Progress reports are due first thing in the morning (I just finished about an hour ago). And I’m dealing with some very disruptive home repairs. But I’m alive. And I wrote a story for my other blog. And I’m off Friday.

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  3. littlethingsandbigsmiles says:

    You week sounds similar to mine – I cleared out my wardrobe and all my drawer. I love the act of sorting things out, and the feeling when everything is tidied and more organised, but I hate the act of walking to the charity shop with boxes of my things. I always find myself looking down at the objects poking out and I think, ‘Am I right to get rid of you?’ That feeling is then replaced by the good feeling of donating to charity!

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