Revisiting minimalism

technology-3164715_1920I’ve been on a cleaning and purging kick lately. It all began when I was cleaning out some cupboards. As I was pulling things out, I realized how many of them I haven’t used since my last deep clean.

It was a good reminder and inspired me to delve back into minimalism. A cluttered space makes me feel tired, unmotivated, and overwhelmed. I want to feel refreshed and inspired but that won’t happen until I get rid of the extra stuff.

It’s easy to slip into collecting mode. To keep things “just in case”. I’ve shifted back into minimalism and have been getting rid of anything I haven’t used in a year. It’s such a freeing feeling. As I clean, I’ll usually divide things into several piles.

1. The keep pile.
In order for something to make it into this pile I need to love it. Or it needs to serve a purpose. Or both.

2. The sell pile.
I’ll put things like electronics, video games, and collectibles here. By posting ads online and on community forums I can sometimes get a little bit of money back. But I’ll usually give myself a timeline and if they don’t sell, I’ll donate them.

3. The donate pile.
I’ll put good quality clothing, books, and household items in this pile. This way they can go to people who will actually use them. Depending on where you donate, it can also help support a worthy cause.

4. The “give to friends” pile.
If I know a friend needs something I can pass it along. For example, I have a ton of extra yarn. Fortunately I know people who knit and crochet and love free yarn.

5. The recycle pile.
Any cardboard, paper, and plastic will go into this pile. I’ll shred any paper with personal information and add it too.

7. The trash pile.
If anything doesn’t make it into the above piles, I’ll throw it in the trash. I usually keep a large garbage bag on hand and will fill it up until I’m done.

I’m also starting the 30-Day Minimalism Game today. You get rid of one item on the first day, two items on the second day, and it continues until the end of the month. This should keep me on track for getting rid of the clutter I’ve allowed to build up.

Have you ever tried minimalism?

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