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6 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Britta says:

    I f ind that, as an HSP intuitive introvert, the people who I value most in life don’t necessarily need to talk about feellings to understand that their there. It’s just mutually understood that we feel those feelings and that they are a part of us and our relationship.

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  2. Britta says:

    My family is like that, too. When I was a teenager and didn’t understand what it meant to be intuitive, I thought not talking about our emotions was a BAD thing. As I’ve come into myself, I realize how much I appreciate the value of intuitive understanding over words. Sometimes words don’t do feelings justice.

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    • Ally says:

      So true, when I’m with my family we just know how the other is feeling. It’s a bit of a challenge when you spend time with people that talk out their emotions (my new roommate is a good example of this). I’m not always aware of how I should respond or what they’re looking for.

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      • Britta says:

        I realized how difficiult talking out my emotions was for me when I went to a few therapy sessions last year. I had a really hard time articulating what I wanted to say, even though I was feeling so much. I can often write a novel about how I’m feeling…but talking about it–not so much.

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