Reminders to recharge

boat-1483365_1920I’ve been reminded of the need to recharge twice this past week. A week ago, I attended a group waltz class. The last time I attended a dance lesson I had plenty of quiet time before and after. Unfortunately this time was different. I had a busy day at work interacting with both clients and coworkers. I drove home and sat through a one-sided conversation with my roommate as I ate dinner. I was only able to carve out a short 30 minute break in my room before it was time to drive to the studio.

The lesson itself was a lot of fun and the instructor is fantastic. I had to practice with an assistant for part of the time. Now I’m a complete beginner and I understand there’s a lot to fix. But the assistant kept stopping the dance to correct me. We’d dance three steps, they’d stop, correct my form, continue a few more steps, stop, correct something else, and the cycle continued for 10 minutes. Now I can only focus on changing one thing at a time, that’s how my mind works. Trying to incorporate all the changes became extremely frustrating. As you can imagine, I was relieved when I got to dance with the actual instructor again.

Then a couple of days later, it happened again. My roommate told me they wouldn’t be home until 10 pm due to work. I was excited for a quiet evening alone. I arrived back home that day, puttered around the kitchen, and settled down with my laptop. I had a few things planned but my main goal was to relax and recharge. One hour into my quiet time, I heard a key rattling in the lock. Frustration washed over me. My roommate didn’t work that day after all. She tried to make conversation but I ended up retreating to my room for the rest of the evening.

I realized I hadn’t been taking the time needed to recharge. I was overwhelmed and getting burned out. That’s why I reacted so strongly in both situations. It also reminded me I need to be more intentional about scheduling in the quiet time I need.

How’s your week been?


10 thoughts on “Reminders to recharge

  1. KDKH says:

    I was overwhelmed a bit today too. A friend invited me to her house, and unexpectedly her husband, two kids and two grandkids came over. They were an extroverted crowd that left me drained.

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  2. Salvageable says:

    My family has learned to understand that, when I’m reading a book, I’m recharging. A week ago I was with extended family in another state, but I brought some books along and used them to reserve some recharging time every day. J.

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