Busy weekends & small victories

coffee-1031139_1920There’s still a misconception floating around that introverts are anti-social and don’t like people.  Despite the increased knowledge regarding introversion, I still come across people who hold this view. But nothing could be further from the truth. Social activity, in manageable doses and of good quality, is important in maintaining and improving my mental wellness. I need to feel connected to others.

This past weekend was a lovely, people-filled couple of days. I spent most of Saturday with friends and close acquaintances. After a short break, I went over to a good friend’s home and enjoyed in-depth, quality conversation, over a glass of iced tea, for several hours.

I had Sunday morning to putter around at home before getting ready for a workout. I even had the energy to chat with a fellow deadlift enthusiast (though I typically avoid small talk when I’m working out) between sets. After a quick shower, I picked up a friend and we headed to a BBQ, enjoying several more hours of conversation and much laughter.

I was invited to see a movie that night, but as my energy was pretty low, I politely declined. While I felt a tiny bit guilty for saying no, I knew it was the right decision. As a result, I was able to head home for some food prep and time to unwind.

It was a really enjoyable weekend, and I was able to stay true to my nature, so I’m celebrating small victories. I will, however, be spending tonight alone, as I’m still not fully recharged 😉 This is a far cry from previous experiences and it’s encouraging to see positive changes.

How was your weekend?

8 thoughts on “Busy weekends & small victories

  1. mawil1 says:

    Yay for quality time alone! My hubs is working away, my son has arranged an impromptu sleepover elsewhere, and suddenly I find myself alone. So eat what I like when I like, do what I want. Maybe an early night with a book? Whatever I choose I know that I will be well rested and re charged!

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  2. mossandmabel says:

    Another introverted Ally here! This is a really nice post, this Saturday just gone I went out with friends in the evening, they ended up coming back to our flat as the pub we were in closed, I was quite tired so I went to lie down with the cat. It’s nice doing what’s best for you but retaining your friendships – sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

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