Introvert guide: 5 camping tips

men-2425121_1920This weekend is Canada Day and I’ll be spending it camping with friends! I love camping. You can get out in nature, spend time in reflection and solitude, and eat delicious food. On the other hand, there will be a number of other people there too, so I’ll need to prepare.

Preparing for a camping trip takes a lot of time and effort. There are packing lists, grocery lists, and to-do lists to create and utilize. As an introvert, there’s one extra list that gets added to the mix. Here’s my ‘how to survive a camping trip’ list.

1. Recharge before & after
Set aside time both before and after the big trip to recharge. If possible, get all your packing done two days before departure. Then you can spend the night before doing something relaxing. Go for a walk, watch a movie, or sit down with a book. It’ll help you relax after all the running around and prepare you for the craziness to come.

2. Scope out the area.
Once you arrive and set up, look for possible ‘recharge areas’. Check out walking trails, rivers and streams, and other secluded areas. When you inevitably start running out of energy, you already know where you can go. You can politely excuse yourself and head somewhere quiet. Even volunteering to gather/chop wood or do some kitchen prep can help you escape the chaos.

3. Snack often.
As an introvert, spending time with people takes a lot of energy. If I’m running on empty, social interaction becomes painful. Bring lots of snacks and be sure to refuel when you need it. Some of my favourites are homemade protein balls, dried fruit, sliced veggies, beef jerky, and lots of water.

4. Check your energy.
I usually forget to do this, so I’ve decided to check in with myself at mealtimes. Assess how you’re feeling and how much energy you have. Do I need a quick escape to the bathroom or do I need an hour alone with a book?

5. Know that you’re normal.
As an introvert, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and burned out. Especially when you’re spending time with the same people over several days. This is a perfectly normal reaction. We love people, but time spent with them has to be on our terms. Taking time to read and relax, or escape on a walk when you need, is healthy. Enjoy camping the way you want to.

What are your plans this weekend?


18 thoughts on “Introvert guide: 5 camping tips

  1. Salvageable says:

    No camping, but I will be cooking hamburgers and bratwurst on the outdoor grill Sunday afternoon.
    My dad says he spent enough time sleeping in tents in the army; when we vacationed, we always stayed in a cabin. I’ve had a few camping experiences, but for the most part they were negative (heat and humidity, insect bites, water running through the tent during a thunderstorm). Now, like my dad, I’d rather sleep in a cabin. I love being outdoors in nature, though, hiking at my own speed, seeing and hearing and smelling nature far from the ways of man. J.

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  2. pearlgirl says:

    Great tips! It’s so easy to forget to check in with ourselves until our energy is way past depleted. I was just invited on a camping trip that would last for nearly two weeks. Fortunately I have some time to consider my answer, but I have a feeling that if I go it will require lots of planning ahead to keep myself rested. I hope you had a wonderful time on your trip! πŸ™‚

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