15 introvert-friendly things to do

sunset-691654_1920I love long weekends! We have one coming up and I’ll be spending a few days with my family. Long weekends are great because of the extra time you can spend doing whatever you’d like. I wanted to share 15 introvert-friendly things to do on a long weekend (or any weekend for that matter). Perfect for going solo (or with someone you like spending time with).

1. Go to a park and wander.
Find a nearby park and go for a long walk. Follow the path and see where it goes, explore, bring snacks for a small picnic, sit and meditate, etc.

2. Movie night.
Have a movie night or Netflix session at home. Make popcorn and snacks and spend the evening getting lost in another world for a few hours.

3. Make a recipe.
Find a recipe for something you’ve always wanted to make, then make everything from scratch. A long weekend is the perfect time to try out new things. Pair your creation with a nice glass of wine (or whatever you like).

4. Spend time planning.
I love planning. It helps me get all the ideas flying around my head on paper so I’m not constantly thinking about them. Use the extra time to sit down and plan out your next week or month’s activities. Or work out your next month’s budget. It helps get you organized and reduces stress.

5. Practice your photography.
Head outdoors and snap photos from different angles. Or stay indoors, play with lighting, and see if you can perfect your food photography. Feel free to get inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest if you need ideas.

6. Be creative.
We’ve all got projects sitting around collecting dust. Take advantage of the extra time and finish up that painting, crochet, video, or sewing project.

7. Get active.
Spend time getting in some exercise and enjoying the endorphins that come as a result. Go for a run or a bike ride. Follow a yoga video or body weight workout on YouTube. You’ll feel great and it’ll give you more energy.

8. Coffee date.
Head to your favourite coffee (or tea) place and order your favourite drink. Spend some time alone with a book, or with your favourite person.

9. Check out the arts.
Find out when local plays, musicals, or free concerts are happening and check them out. They’re usually a lot more low key than busy festivals. But if you like festivals, go for it, just keep an eye on your energy.

10. Read a book.
What better way to spend your extra time than catching up on your reading? If its a particularly beautiful day you can even take it outside.

11. Work on blog ideas.
I love looking up different ideas for blogging, doing research, and writing up drafts for possible posts. It gets me excited for blogging and gives me extra writing practice.

12. Take a long bath.
There’s nothing more relaxing for me than soaking in a hot bath. Bubbles or bath bombs are optional but lots of fun. If you’re not a bath person, a nice hot shower also does the trick.

13. Connect with others.
Long weekends are the perfect time to connect with those who are important to you. Whether you get together in person, or share a phone or video call, furthering personal connections is one of the best uses of extra time.

14. Learn a new language.
You can find lots of online resources for learning a new language. There are tons of free apps, websites, and podcasts to get both written and conversational instruction. Go out and educate yourself 🙂

15. Nothing.
Feel like doing nothing? That’s a perfectly valid way to spend your weekend. Just make sure you take care of yourself too.

What do you like to do?


10 thoughts on “15 introvert-friendly things to do

  1. Salvageable says:

    Reading is always good.
    I like to watch a Cubs baseball game on television, or maybe go to the ballpark to watch the local minor league team.
    Cooking is good too.
    Movie night would be fun.
    I like most of your ideas. J.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mawil1 says:

    Sounds perfect! I love weekends at home for all those reasons.
    Sometimes I’m just happy to get the place clean, do the laundry, cook a meal and have a bit of cosy domestic bliss!!

    Liked by 1 person

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