It’s beautiful outside

pretty-woman-1509956_1920Sunshine does the soul good. It’s our first day of warm, sunny, beautiful weather and I’m soaking it in. There’s a pleasant breeze drifting through the office windows and I’m already looking forward to my run after work. It’s incredible how a bit of sun boosts both my mood and motivation.

We’ve been experiencing a lot of grey, overcast weather as we transition from winter to summer (spring seems to have missed its cue). But now that we’ve had our first bout of gorgeous weather, I’m really hoping its here to stay. Because with summer comes a lot of fun and exciting things.

I love going for long walks and hikes both alone and with friends. There’s a camping trip in the works and convention plans. There’s always a ton of summer festivals, which is one of my favourite parts of summer. And along with my busy, social plans, I also plan to spend lots of time reading outdoors beside the cute little pond by my place.

What are your summer plans?


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