an introvert & karaoke

singer-1047531_1920.jpgI have a confession to make: I love karaoke. Yes, I’m introverted. Yes, I hate being the centre of attention. Yes, I get extremely self conscious when speaking and singing in front of others. But despite all this, karaoke is something I really enjoy (disclaimer, I’ve never done karaoke in a bar, I prefer the ‘karaoke boxes’ you can rent for a couple of hours).

My first karaoke experience took place when I was 16. I was attending an appreciation dinner for the volunteers of a local convention. We enjoyed a delicious Korean BBQ meal at a little ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant. Once we were finished, we headed upstairs to the karaoke room. Although I knew a few people, the majority were strangers. Despite this, I still felt comfortable enough to sing “Phantom of the Opera” along to the prerecorded track.

My karaoke experiences continued from there. My high school friends were big fans of karaoke and we’d often spend Sunday afternoons singing and dancing along to our favourite Japanese and Korean songs (usually butchering the lyrics horribly). After graduation, all my friends went to the same university while I went to another. Despite this, we’d still get together occasionally to sing karaoke, relax, and catch up. I think my fondness for karaoke comes from the good memories I shared with my friends.

However, as an introvert, two things need to be in place for me to enjoy the experience. Firstly, I need to be in an environment where I feel comfortable and accepted. Secondly, stepping out of my comfort zone is very draining, so I need to store up energy beforehand.

Here are a couple of tips. If you don’t feel comfortable singing solo, convince 1-2 others to join you. It’s a lot of fun and you aren’t the only one in the spotlight. Also don’t feel obligated to stand up and perform your song. Sing sitting down if you’re more comfortable. Take small steps and don’t compare yourself to those who seem more comfortable 🙂

Have you tried karaoke?


8 thoughts on “an introvert & karaoke

  1. Salvageable says:

    I’ve never done karaoke, but I understand what you are describing. I did a little theater in high school, and getting to portray someone else in front of an audience didn’t bother me at all. These days I teach in a classroom and give talks to audiences, and so long as I’m performing, it’s all fine. You are right, though, about storing up energy. Also I need time to relax afterward. J.

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    • Ally says:

      That’s what I love about public speaking/performing. You can do all the planning in advance and everything just flows from that. I also need time afterwards to unwind and relax 🙂


  2. live_a_life_less_ordinary says:

    Even though I’m definitely an introvert, I’m not 100% introvert… I got over my fear of bar karaoke gradually in my 20s (the early 2000s) when I was with friends. I think getting generally positive reactions from others is what helped get me over my fear.

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  3. mawil1 says:

    Never done karaoke. Used to sing and perform in my teens, happy to give presentations as an adult. So long as the agenda is set and I’m prepared iim ok! Ask me to go into a room and mingle with the same people ….. nightmare!!!

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