5 lessons I’ve learned

25222393686_6f78ba849b_zLife is interesting. Just when you think you have things figured out, something happens and you realize that what you know is vastly overshadowed by the things you don’t. When I think about who I was a few years ago, and how much I thought I knew, I have to smile. But it’s a great indication of how far I’ve come and I need to keep growing and moving forward. I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned to this point.

1. You can’t do everything.
This is especially true for introverts. Life offers so many opportunities but not enough time to explore them all. Once you figure out which things are worth pursuing, you can dedicate yourself to them. Strong personal relationships are definitely on the top of my list, along with pursuing a meaningful career. While I have many hobbies, I only have time to pursue 1-2 at a time, so I often rotate them based on what I feel like doing.

2. Travel is the best investment.
Money spent on travel is never wasted. What you spend is given back tenfold in experiences, lessons, and personal growth. It gives you an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, pushes your boundaries, and gives you incredible memories. One of my friends suggested that everyone should travel to both a first and third world country in order to get a perspective on the reality of the world. But travel of any kind definitely opens your eyes to what exists beyond your own life.

3. You’re not a failure.
Making mistakes doesn’t make you a failure. It just proves you’re human. But it’s how you respond to your mistakes that reveals your character. Every mistake is a valuable opportunity for growth. If you seize that opportunity, that’s a step in the right direction. Give yourself the same forgiveness you’d offer to someone else. Plus, making mistakes teaches you how to handle failure and disappointment.

4. Take breaks, seriously just do it.
It’s easy to become overwhelmed with work, family, friends, social engagements, sporting events, and volunteer activities, especially for an introvert. Take time to be by yourself. Sit down, meditate, read a book, drink a mug of tea from start to finish (without having to heat it up in the microwave). The busyness of life will always be waiting for you, but you’ll be far better equipped to take it on after a break.

5. Choose kindness.
Do things for others. Make the right decision, even in the face of peer pressure. Take the moral high ground. Be considerate and courteous. Use tact, especially if you have to correct someone. Treat others with kindness. Act in a way that leaves a positive legacy with everyone you interact with. Being kind to others has no cost, but the effects last long after you’ve gone.

Do you have any life lessons to share?

Image credit: “A Stranger’s Night” by Bardia Photography is licensed under CC by 2.0


7 thoughts on “5 lessons I’ve learned

  1. timothyach says:

    Thank you for sharing these lessons.

    For almost 3 years I’ve struggled with forgiving myself for dropping out of college, and your words “Give yourself the same forgiveness you’d offer to someone else,” reminded me why forgiving myself is so important.

    I haven’t forgiven myself yet, but words like that will make the process easier.

    When it comes to life lessons:

    I know this might sound weird, but:

    I’ve ran into a number of bloggers who wrote about how stripping naked has allowed them to gain a better perspective on their life.

    Being naked in the privacy of my room, I felt like I was, for lack of better words, closer to my purest, deepest, self. Which, to me, makes sense: When one is naked, they are as they came into the world: There are no barriers (like clothes) that are hiding aspects of a person’s true self.

    I find being naked to be a humbling act. My nakedness reminds me that I am not as high and mighty as I sometimes think I am.

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    • Ally says:

      Thanks for the comment. Being exposed, with all your insecurities on display, would definitely force you to think about who you are as a person, especially when the barriers have been stripped away. Quite thought provoking, thank you for sharing.

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  2. Warrior Freya says:

    I feel like I’ve had so many lessons in such a short amount of time. I think one of the ones I hold close to my heart right now is, “Enjoy the present.”

    There’s a lot of stuff in the past, both good and bad. Let the bad stuff go, and don’t let the good stuff get in the way, either. Not every good time can top the last good time. Don’t have unrealistic expectations I guess is another way of saying it. Enjoy what is, not the fantasy that sometimes gets built up inside of our heads.

    We only get this moment. It deserves to be enjoyed.

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