Traveling to Ireland & Scotland

I had the most amazing opportunity to visit Ireland and Scotland last year. Both places had been on my bucket list since I was young and finally getting to experience them was incredible. They hold a special place in my heart and I want to go back again. Scotland especially felt like home.

I’ve included a few pictures from Ireland. As you can see, the green Irish countryside isn’t just a stereotype, it’s actually that green in person! The first image is from the grounds of the hotel I was staying at in county Meath. The next three are from Loughcrew, the site of megalithic burial grounds dating back to roughly 3500 and 3300 BC. The final two are from the Hill of Tara, containing a number of ancient monuments, and according to tradition, was the seat of the High King of Ireland. It’s a beautiful country and the locals were warm and friendly. Many of the days were overcast, and you always had to expect a chance of rain, but the weather was lovely and the temperature warm. As long as you had a raincoat you were good to go.


After spending some time in Ireland, I took a short flight to Edinburgh, Scotland. I spent the first couple of days wandering the streets of the Royal Mile, exploring as much as I could. The first three images are from Calton Hill, which is home to a few different monuments. The first is the Nelson monument, commemorating Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson’s victory over the French and Spanish at the Battle of Trafalger in 1805. The second is a view off the back of the hill and the third is the National Monument. It remembers the sacrifices of the Scottish soldiers and sailors who died fighting in the Napoleonic Wars. The fourth image is from Edinburgh Castle. The next day I took a 12 hour bus tour to the Scottish Highlands to get a taste of the countryside. The fifth picture is a view from Loch Ness. The sixth is Urquhart Castle, which played a role in the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century. The final image is from Glencoe.



I hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into my Ireland and Scotland trip. If you ever have the chance to visit, I highly recommend it. What is your favourite place to travel? Where do you want to go next?


10 thoughts on “Traveling to Ireland & Scotland

  1. twainwall says:

    So glad you enjoyed your time here in the UK (Scotland/Ireland). I love the highlands, we used to go there to see some of my parents friends when I was at school and as an inrovert it was such a perfect place to be. 🙂 Photographs are good too! 😉

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    • Ally says:

      I hope you get to go to Ireland! I stayed mostly in the Dublin area but apparently the Cliffs of Moher and Giant’s Causeway are pretty amazing places to visit. I would love to check out Glasgow next time!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lone Wolf Breathes says:

    I’m glad you got to visit Ireland and especially Scotland. I live in Northern Ireland, but I used to live in Scotland also. The Highlands of Scotland are my favourite place to be, so open, beautiful and wild. Perfect for an introvert. Try to visit Inverness area next time as it is stunning. Stephen.

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