Quote of the day

Indeed, your biggest challenge may be to fully harness your strengths. You may be so busy trying to appear like a zestful, reward-sensitive extrovert that you undervalue your own talents, or feel underestimated by those around you. But when you’re focused on a project that you care about, you probably find that your energy is boundless.
-Susan Cain


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. brittabottle says:

    I actually just realized recently that my attempts to try to fit in with a group of largely extroverts in my life was keeping me from accepting and focusing on my introverted self. Coming to that realization was a really amazing experience for me. I felt like I had been unintentionally and unknowingly wearing this facade, and being able to take it off and accept me was such a fruitful experience.

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    • Ally says:

      That sounds like such a rewarding and amazing experience. I felt similarly when I first learned I was introverted, finally understanding that there wasn’t anything wrong with me lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.


      • brittabottle says:

        I’ve always known I was introverted, I’ve just had problems accepting that throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties. I think, given that I am an INFJ (often dubbed as the extroverted introvert) I always wondered why I still felt I needed to be with people, even though I also valued my alone time. It was puzzling to me that I didn’t need as much alone time as other introverts, yet I also didn’t want to be with people as much as extroverts. Learning to balance those two sides of me is a continuous struggle. I have been accepting my true, introverted nature a lot more lately–and it’s been so good!

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