Hello autumn

Autumn loveI love autumn.

While every turn of season brings its own unique and exciting changes, autumn is by far my favourite. I knew autumn had arrived this year when I stepped outside before work a few weeks ago and the air nipped lightly at my skin.

I love going for long walks alone with my thoughts, listening to the crisp leaves crunch beneath my feet. I love kicking them into the air, then watching them swirl and dance as the wind catches them. I love how the cooler air nips at my cheeks, leaving them bright and rosy. It’s hard to describe the pure, unadulterated joy of running along a beautiful path. Or the absolute peace of mind that comes from sitting quietly on a park bench, merely observing the beauty around you. Hiking suddenly becomes an epic adventure. You’re an explorer with nothing but your trusty camera to accompany you.

I love wearing cozy knits, soft flannels and plaids, boots, and scarves. I love the muted autumn hues of browns, oranges, yellows, reds, and creams. A small reflection of the beautiful explosion of colour in the trees. Just like a fireworks show of splendour before everything goes to sleep. One last hurrah before winter.

Autumn makes everything feel cozy. Candlelight becomes even more warm and inviting. You can bundle up in a blanket and read your evening away. You can eat and drink all the pumpkin spice things and indulge in comfort foods like hot soup and stews.

Autumn is a time for sipping a piping hot mug of apple cider, hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. To look on as the last golden rays of sunshine paint the landscape with a warm glow. It’s a time for quiet contemplation and reflection. To muse on the past and look towards the future. There’s a quiet stillness in autumn that allows for deep thought and musings.

What do you enjoy about autumn?

Image credit: “Automne…” by Denis Collette is licensed under CC by 2.0


15 thoughts on “Hello autumn

  1. auroraroschen says:

    I LOVE AUTUMN!!! It’s my favorite time of year for sure. The smells and flavors of pumpkin and nutmeg and cinnamon… the cooler, snuggly weather and colors of the leaves changing… the warm, earthy tones of fall fashion… sweatshirt weather and the impending holiday season… Everything about fall lifts my spirits and makes my heart happy!!!

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  2. thecoffeebeanbrain says:

    I experienced my first autumn last year when I visited family in IL. The taste of everything pumpkin, the cool breeze and trees that bloom – I love it and I’m hoping I could come back soon. Your post gave me pleasant memories of fall, thanks!

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  3. wanderingssoul78 says:

    The smells, the cooler weather and there is just something in the air in autumn. I love to bake and this time of year makes me want to be in the kitchen with apples and pumpkins and flour all over the place lol. It’s just a happy time of the year for me. I love it 🍂🍁🍂🎃🍎

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  4. sophiaaffini3 says:

    Everything you said in here, plus where I live there are events for families such as hayrides, and afterwards, food and hot drinks and games. It’s fun watching people, all bundled up in cozy gear, laughing and talking about how their school year or upcoming Halloween party planning is going. Just neat to observe people being happy and having fun. 💖

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