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After an hour or two of being socially “on,” we introverts need to turn off and recharge. My own formula is roughly two hours alone for every hour of socializing. This isn’t antisocial. It isn’t a sign of depression. It does not call for medication. For introverts, to be alone with our thoughts is as restorative as sleeping, as nourishing as eating. Our motto: I’m okay, you’re okay—in small doses.
-Jonathan Rauch


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. thewishingwell says:

    I appreciate the speaker saying what recharging IS NOT: antisocial, a sign of depression, or requiring medication. So many people (myself included) have experienced “introvert discrimination,” or being labeled one of those things because of our introversion. Susan Cain talks about this in her book Quiet. Thanks for sharing the quote!

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    • Ally says:

      I totally agree. I’ve been mislabelled as shy and anti-social many times (especially growing up, but even to this day), simply because I don’t talk as much as others think I should.

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      • thewishingwell says:

        Yes, I can imagine it still happens even if it mostly happened when you were younger. I recently had someone tell me I needed to “get out of my own head” and stop being “isolated,” when really I interact with people every day and I’m not isolated. Needless to say introversion continues to be misunderstood, and we need to speak up!

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        • Ally says:

          That’s so frustrating. It always bothers me when people make comments that are one, none of their business, and two, not constructive or helpful. We definitely need to share the truth about introversion 🙂

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