6 survival tips for shopping trips

MarketIf you’ve ever needed to eat, chances are you’ve made more than one foray into the grocery store. Some love grocery shopping, while others can’t stand it. For me, its one of those necessary evils I do once a week. I thought I’d share a few tips I use during my shopping trips.

1. Check out flyers & create a meal plan. 
I always check out online and paper flyers for the stores I frequent the most. I note which meats and vegetables are on sale and create meal plans based around those items.

2. Make a detailed list & decide where you want to go.
Once I’ve decided on the menu, I’ll write out my shopping list, including how many of each item I’ll be needing and their approximate price. I also write out my list based on the layout of the store. I’ll pick up things at the back of the store first, then move towards the front. That way I’m not wasting my time and energy running back and forth. I also purchase what I need for the entire week rather than making several trips throughout the week. I typically visit one store for my staples and produce as they’re cheaper, but will visit another store for higher quality meat.

3. Choose your time wisely.
Where I live, people tend to use the weekends and week nights to do their shopping. This means crazy amounts of people crammed into the aisles. Although I do my grocery shopping on Sunday, not the best day to go, I choose a time later in the afternoon after the chaos has subsided.

4. Use a shopping cart.
Unless I’m stopping by for one or two things, I always get a grocery cart. Using a hand basket tends to annoy me by bumping up against my leg as I walk. Taking a cart seems like more of a hassle but its definitely worth it for me.

5. Bring your music.
This one will look a bit odd, but it works. I’ll usually listen to my music with one earbud in. That way I’m still aware of what’s going on around me but it gives me something to focus on. It’s helped me combat overwhelm on countless occasions.

6. Self checkouts.
This isn’t an option everywhere, but I use the self checkout whenever I can, even if there’s a lineup. After a long day, even a few minutes of conversation with a cashier seems like too much.

Do you have any other ideas or tips?

Image credit: “Market” by Karyn Christner is licensed under CC by 2.0

7 thoughts on “6 survival tips for shopping trips

  1. Salvageable says:

    Shopping can be stressful. All of your tips are helpful (although I do prefer a basket unless I’m getting a lot of things at one place). I’m not one for bringing my music with me–somehow music never stays in the background for me. My family has always agreed that, unless we’re picking up three items or fewer, we need a list. J.

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  2. exanimo7 says:

    I also like to go when it’s not as busy — typically Saturday mornings just after the store has opened or lunchtime during the week (more busy but not as chaotic as later in the day.) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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