Quote of the day

Our lives are so full of activity and chatter its difficult to find quiet time… Those are the moments that are the most creative for me. The location is less important than the choice to turn other things off. Because I find that the quietest times of my life speak the loudest.
-Regina Dugan


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. travelswithadiplomat says:

    Interesting. As someone who scores 95+% on any Introversion test I have ever taken I can say my ‘problem’ is that I cannot keep a lid on expressing my emotions. In fact it is something I have had to seek help with controlling and is probably why I married a diplomat who is both extroverted and able to keep very quiet whenever needed 😁
    So, you see, introversion does not always mean being a great, silent listener. It does always mean I crave silence.

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