An introvert’s secret weapon at the gym

Workout buddiesHow does an introvert survive working out at the gym? They have have a secret weapon: music. What better way to block out the background noise, chatter, grunting, and shouting, than by playing your favourite songs? I never leave home without my ipod. It’s an ancient thing, hearkening back to my high school days, but it works well and I’ve never had a reason to replace it. Whether I’m lifting weights or going for a run, I always bring my ipod with me.

As you might expect, I have a gym-specific playlist filled with upbeat, catchy songs. My musical taste is extremely varied and changes on a constant basis. I thought I’d share a small taste of the music I listen to during a workout. If you click on the song title, it’ll take you to a youtube version, for those who may be interested 🙂

Wake Me Up & Hey Brother

Ayumi Hamasaki (jpop)
Fairyland & Evolution

BIGBANG (kpop)
Fantastic Baby

F(x) (kpop)
Red Light & Electric Shock

Invincible & One Life

Lindsay Stirling
Phantom of the Opera cover

Marianas Trench
No Place like Home & This Means War

Piano Guys
Mission Impossible, Beethoven’s 5 Secrets, Code Name Vivaldi & Fight Song

Super Junior (kpop)
Sorry Sorry & Opera

Eye of the Tiger

Two Steps from Hell (super epic music)
Dragon Rider & Heart of Courage

What do you listen to when you exercise?

Image credit: “Workout Pals” by Nathan Rupert is licensed under CC by 2.0


14 thoughts on “An introvert’s secret weapon at the gym

  1. missmamasaw says:

    AAA Kpop songs ! I love Big Bang and 2ne1. I usually like to listen to Hip Hop song when working out. Actually, my work out is dancing so xD Love your blog, just discovered it because you liked my last post about overcoming shyness. I started my YT channel especially for introverts like us. I really like your quotes very inspiring 🙂

    my blog:
    My YT channel:

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