The week of recovery

photographyLast weekend was as crazy as I expected. It was a lot of fun and I got to spend time with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. It was also really draining. By Saturday night I was totally done and I still had two days to go. Sunday wasn’t too bad. I arrived a bit later than most and ended up ducking out early. I even enjoyed a few rounds of Pictionary before I left. Being able to leave early helped stave off complete overwhelm. However, despite a small break on Monday, bowling later that day wasn’t great. I was irritable and tired, not a good combination.

I’ve been using the remainder of this week to catch up on sleep and quiet time. While I love and appreciate being introverted, I often yearn for more energy. The events of this weekend really made me think. I still need to say ‘no’ more often. I’m still aiming to please people more than I’m looking after myself. It was really eye-opening. I’ve come a long way, but often default to saying ‘yes’ more than I’d like.

There were still lots of high points though. My ‘take photos and avoid too much socialization’ plan worked wonderfully. Taking pictures really made the busy events more tolerable. I also got to hone my skills and try new things. On Saturday, I laid claim to a little newborn and got to carry her around for most of the evening. It was a lovely distraction. Showing up later, and leaving early, were also good moves. I’ll definitely consider these ideas for future events. I’m almost back to 100%, but if you need me right now, I’ll be hiding under this comfy blanket with a cup of tea 🙂

How do you deal with social obligations?

Image credit: “Photographer 222” by Dave Crosby is licensed under CC by 2.0


9 thoughts on “The week of recovery

  1. Salvageable says:

    “How do you deal with social obligations?” Not well, I’m sorry to say. If the event has some sort of focus, I maintain interest in the focus. If it’s just a gathering “for the fun of it,” I endure until I can leave. Enjoy your blanket and your tea. J.

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  2. Jo's Shelf Life says:

    It’s so important to take the time to heal and recharge. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to say ‘no’ to things. The typical advice to anxious introverts is to say ‘yes’ more often, but it’s nice to hear the opposite too. I think I’ll try and find a balance. 🙂

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