A fun-filled weekend

board gamesThis weekend is going to be hectic. Its a long weekend, so that means I get an extra day off work. However, it definitely won’t be relaxing. I’m heading down to visit my family and there have been several activities planned with friends and family across the weekend.

Saturday will be full of activity from start to finish and Sunday includes a 5 hour ‘get-together’ full of board games (not really my cup of tea) and mandatory conversation. Bowling (a tolerable activity) has been scheduled for several hours on Monday. Tonight, I’m going out for dinner with a friend from out of town. So other than the normal workday on Friday, I’ve got four days of almost non-stop activity and socialization. Now I love the people I’m going to be spending time with, but several days is really going to wear me out. While I’m excited about the weekend, I’m not looking forward to the inevitable burnout that happens when I’m around people for too long.

I’ve been going through all the strategies I can think of in preparation for the weekend. One of my favourite strategies is to play the photographer. I don’t have a professional camera, just the camera in my phone, but I really enjoy taking pictures. I love trying to capture those perfect shots that showcase the personality and emotion of each moment. Being a photographer also allows you to wade through the chaos while maintaining a single focus: the scene in front of you. You’re a part of the experience, but you aren’t constantly bombarded by interaction. Its the perfect way to be involved, yet be separate from the events. We’ll see how things go but I’m a little more hopeful now.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Image credit: “Checkers Wallpaper” by Phillip Taylor is licensed under CC by 2.0


8 thoughts on “A fun-filled weekend

  1. VTNessa says:

    I love being able to take photos, too, because most people enjoy having their fun times documented, and so are less likely to try to force you into interacting too much. Great plan!

    Our church is actually providing a parent’s night out, so my husband and I will get to go to dinner and a movie or something!

    Good luck with your hectic weekend! Family/friends can be so much fun, but I understand the tiredness that can result from a full schedule like that. 🙂

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    • Ally says:

      Thanks, I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun overall. I’ll try to grab as many spare moments as I can to recuperate haha. Hope you have a lovely time with your husband, what a nice treat 🙂

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  2. Warrior Freya says:

    I have plans to see Deadpool at some point and to go out for sushi. Hoping that my weekend is actually fairly quiet since it feels like I’ve been going non-stop since the start of last week.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend even if it is going to be a busy one. You’ll be in my thoughts. : )

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  3. Salvageable says:

    I hear what you are expressing about a hectic weekend with people you love. I’m still recovering from our post-Christmas family gathering! I’m glad you have a coping strategy that works for you. Best wishes for your weekend. J.

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