Pursuing my dreams

KyotoI had a lot of dreams as a child. Some were related to my future career, others were things I wanted to accomplish. For a while, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. It wasn’t until grade 12 that I was forced to make a decision about what program to apply to. I chose graphic design, and during my first year of university, I knew I had made the right decision.

I still have lots of dreams. I want to travel, pursue voice lessons, learn more sewing techniques, be creative, make stuff. Photography is another thing I’d like to continue with. I’m pretty happy with where I am right now. I have a job that provides a challenge for me and allows me to use my creative skills from time to time. However, there is one dream (out of many) I’m still working on.

I’ve always dreamed of travelling to Japan. There are many other places I’d like to see as well, but Japan tops the list. I love their culture, food, and music. So this year, I decided to start saving for the trip of my dreams. I want to travel mostly around Tokyo and Kyoto. To see the beautiful gardens, cute shops, hot springs, and experience being inside a country completely different from my own.

As a result, I’ve adjusted my budget to make room for greater savings. It’s forced me to think more about what I’m spending. I look for discounts and savings when I go shopping. It also makes me to think about whether or not I really need something. Its also been motivating me to review and brush up on my Japanese. I’m excited to pursue this dream.

What are some of your dreams?

Image credit: “Kyoto” by Moyan Brenn is licensed under CC by 2.0


18 thoughts on “Pursuing my dreams

  1. Lana Light says:

    As strange as it may get but one of my greatest dreams is visiting Japan, too! However it’s not based on their culture, music or food as in your case. Sometimes it seems that I was too impressed by the movie Lost In Translation and the whole atmosphere in it that I got attracted to the idea of experiencing something similar in this country. I don’t know but want to go there nevertheless :))
    I also dream of experiencing Venice in Italy. Not long ago I read a beautiful passage describing the natural silence and noise of this city in Inferno by Dan Brown, it resonated with me instantly and here I am, hooked by this idea.
    Hope your dream comes true as soon as possible!!!

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    • Ally says:

      Thank you, I think that travelling to a different country will be an amazing experience. There are so many places, each so different. I want to visit them all. Venice sounds beautiful as well. Hope your dream comes true for you too! 🙂

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  2. VTNessa says:

    I’d love to go to Scotland and paint(watercolor) the landscapes and take photos. Lots and lots of photos.
    Almost all my dreams growing up involved horses. I still love them, but ended up marrying a guy who just doesn’t share the same enthusiasm, so it’s not really in my realm of possibilities these days. Still nice to think about now and then though. 🙂

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    • Ally says:

      Wow, Scotland would be beautiful! Its on my list of places to visit too. I’ve got some Scottish in my background, so I’ve always wanted to go back to my roots 🙂


  3. Warrior Freya says:

    Hey Ally,

    Would you be interested in traveling together to / meeting up in Japan? It’s one of the places on my bucket list. Totally no hard feelings if you would rather not. It’s just one of those crazy ideas that popped into my head. Meeting a super awesome person for the first time in a super awesome place? My extrovert must be showing. : )

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  4. bizzy0 says:

    That’s so awesome! I hope your saving goes well and you have a wonderful trip. My dream right now is small but feels big to me after the rough year I’vs had. I’m saving money to take a metal jewelry making class to add to my very basic knowledge. I’m planning to buy some beautiful stones on etsy and maybe even start thinking about selling what I make. Not sure if it’s realistic but when the idea occurred to me it felt like the most exciting idea I’ve had recently!

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  5. brittabottle says:

    This is wonderful! Good luck with your saving. Traveling is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself and I hope you can make it to Japan soon. I currently live in Thailand and would love to make it to Japan at some point while I’m in Asia. 🙂

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  6. pearlgirl says:

    I think that’s wonderful! I’ve always wanted to travel too, though it was as dream that had faded for a while and is beginning to come back. I hope this trip is something you’re able to do soon. 🙂

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