My winter bucket list

winter wonderlandThere’s no mistaking that we’re in the midst of winter. I woke up this morning to a new layer of snow blanketing the houses, streets, and cars. Although I love staying in and relaxing when its cold out, I still have things I’d like to do. Here are a few of my plans:

-Finish packing for my upcoming move
-Sip hot chocolate while gazing out the window
-Finish reading the three books I’m currently working on
-Watch the new Star Wars movie
-Start on the sewing project I’ve been putting off for two years
-Write and send letters to my far-away friends
-Walk outside at night and look at the stars
-Make a snow angel and play in the snow
-Bake cookies or brownies and share them with friends
-Go through my stuff and donate the things I don’t use
-Light my candles in the evening – such a cozy feeling!
-Drive up to visit my family

What are some of your plans for winter?

Image credit: “Winter Wonderland” by Agata is licensed under CC by 2.0


12 thoughts on “My winter bucket list

  1. twainwall says:

    I love playing in the snow, so much fun and you can get really creative too! 😀 Ohhhh and Star Wars is great, not just because it’s a good film but having a great female lead in “Rey,” (Daisy Ridley). 🙂 (hope you have a great time when you see it)

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  2. sevenyearsinadrawer says:

    Hi Ally, this isnt related to your post topic but i read this article today and thought of you.
    It’s an article about networking for introverts. There’s a lovely quote from an introvert who explains “Introversion has nothing to do with shyness or general awkwardness; it is an inbuilt aversion to high stimulation environments – lots of noise, lots of people and bright lights. It’s in no way a disadvantage; it’s simply a different way of doing things, and introverts shouldn’t become fake extroverts to fit the mould.”
    The article has tips for introverts on how to cope with networking (something I really struggle with but is unfortunately rather crucial in my line of work) Anway, I’d thought I’d share it:
    Oh and happy 2016!

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    • Ally says:

      Thank you for sending that article over, those first few sentences completely described me in social situations. There were some really good tips as well, I especially liked the aiming for quality conversation, rather than quantity, and getting there early. Hope you have a great 2016!

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