Autumn Reflections – Day 13


I love the scent of camp fires and bonfires, especially in autumn. The smell of wood smoke holds a lot of memories for me. I remember sitting around a camp fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows with my cousins. Spending weekends with friends as we cooked meals over the fire. Playing with sparklers at the beach around a bonfire. Or chatting long into the night, watching as the fire burned down to the coals. Its amazing the memories that a little wood smoke can evoke.

Ho! for the leaves that eddy down, Crumpled yellow and withered brown, Hither and yonder and up the street And trampled under the passing feet; Swirling, billowing, drifting by, With a whisper soft and a rustling sigh, Starting aloft to windy ways, Telling the coming of bonfire days.
-Grace Strickler Dawson


4 thoughts on “Autumn Reflections – Day 13

  1. cobwebsupstairs says:

    I agree about the memories that the smell of wood smoke can evoke…my grandparents used to have a big pot-bellied wood stove in their livingroom, as well as a wood burning kitchen stove…brings back a lot of childhood memories whenever I smell that aroma…love it!

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    • Ally says:

      My grandparents had a fire burning stove in their kitchen too! We’d always huddle around it for warmth when the weather was cool. I love the smell so much 🙂


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