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Introverts also don’t want to socialize every day. Every social interaction drains a little bit of energy, and after a few consecutive days of socializing, we need to shut down. After days of interacting, my brain feels stuffed with other people’s words. They rattle and chatter and knock around and I want to shake them out my ears. That’s when I turn down even invitations I might otherwise accept. When I’ve hit the wall of socializing, no invitation sounds like as much fun as being alone. Our limited ability to socialize causes us to be selective about whom we see when, and how. We are reluctant to squander precious social energy on empty-calorie encounters.
-Sophia Dembling


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. exanimo7 says:

    For me, sometimes family vacations can be draining. Knowing that I won’t have very much (if any) time to myself–for a long weekend or a whole week–can make me fairly anxious. That feeling does go away, and I’m able to enjoy hanging out with my parents and siblings. However, that feeling I get when I walk in the door of my apartment once the vacation is over…amazing! I’m back in my own space.

    I absolutely adore my family and I like my co-workers very much, but I cannot be around them all the time. 😉

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