Coping with stress

stressingEarlier this month, I wrote about how busy things have been recently. This past weekend was a lot better and I don’t have anything planned for this weekend, which is awesome.

However, it seems that as soon as things slow down in one area, they accelerate in another. Originally, I was going to renew the lease on the place I’m renting for another six months. Then towards the end of the six months, I’d start looking for a new place. However, the owners changed their minds several days ago and decided to sell the place. Now I have to pack everything up in less than two weeks. Fortunately, I’m staying with a friend for a couple of months while I look for something else.

Also, because they are preparing to sell, they want to do some renovations over the next week or so. This includes tearing out carpet, installing new flooring, and painting. Obviously, its their place and they’re entitled to do whatever they’d like. But now I get to deal with the normal weekly stuff, plus packing, and constant interruptions from painting crews, the real estate agent, and workers. To say I’m a bit stressed is an understatement. But going through things like this has helped me realize a few things.

I’ve come to the realization that I need to talk to people when things bother me. I used to keep everything to myself because I didn’t want to burden anyone with my problems. But that only elevates my stress and causes health issues. Two days ago, I spoke with one of my friends about the situation, I just needed to get it off my chest. I’m also sharing it here, I hope you don’t mind. But just telling someone about my feelings and frustration helped immensely. I felt lighter and less burdened.

I’m also determined to keep my workouts consistent, even though my time is limited. Exercise makes me feel good and it’s an amazing way to relieve stress. If I don’t have this outlet, especially now, I will go crazy.

I’m also going to try to make more time for quiet. On Tuesday, I went to a coffee shop. I told myself that I was going to drive there, buy a coffee, and stay and read for an hour. Only after I had done that, was I allowed to go back home and pack. I really needed this break and felt so much better after. So I’m going to continue to ‘force’ myself to take breaks periodically.

In the past, I never actively tried to handle and cope with stress. I just let it sit there and cause problems for me. I’m not going to let it happen again.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for managing/coping with stress? I’d love to hear them.

Image credit: “sirens” by lauren rushing is licensed under CC by 2.0


19 thoughts on “Coping with stress

  1. VTNessa says:

    People are so different, but for me, I really like some quiet time alone (with a husband, bio son, and foster kid, that can be hard to come by). In lieu of that, I like to paint or do something physical with my hands, such as building something out of modeling clay, or archery. Basically, an activity that keeps me mentally occupied enough that I have to concentrate on what I’m doing (forces my brain to take a breather from my stressors) but nothing in which I could get too hurt if I lose focus.

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  2. littlealmond says:

    Listening to binaural beats.
    I store up a lot of stress in my shoulders and feet, so shoulder stretches and rubbing my foot over a hard ball. Lately, when I am stressed during the day, I get home and bike. Then I have to stretch some more.
    I also like lavender, as an essential oil or in a lotion.
    Happy hunting for your new place.

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    • Ally says:

      Thank you! I use a lacrosse ball to work out all my tension and soreness, it provides so much relief. I hadn’t thought of binaural beats or using essential oils, thanks for the ideas 🙂


  3. satzee says:

    Enjoyed your writing. Thank you 🙂

    If it is stress, these things helps me.
    1) Talking to the right person.
    2) Drinking a little more water than usual.
    3) 30 minutes of slow breathing exercise.
    4) Resistance exercise – such as push ups or carrying some heavy weights.
    5) Taking a walk out.
    6) Static stretches.
    7) Isometric exercises.
    8) Yoga poses.
    9) Eating a simple diet, that is easy for the digestive system to digest.
    10 ) Eating fruits, vegetables and fiber rich foods.
    11 ) For a while, staying away from things that causes stress.

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  4. Salvageable says:

    I don’t have any useful ideas or suggestions for dealing with stress. Mostly I’m checking the other comments to see if any of their suggestions would work for me. It’s been a tough week, but not as full of surprises as yours. I think it’s a great idea to give yourself permission to take a break from time to time. Hope you can keep those breaks in your schedule. J.

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    • Ally says:

      I hope you find some ideas you can use, I’m always so grateful for other people’s ideas. They often think of things I hadn’t even considered. I hope this week week goes better for you 🙂

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