A quiet person in a loud world

QuietnessI had the day off yesterday so I decided to check out the week-long festival currently going on in the city. There was so much to see: displays, rides, art, vendors, and food stalls filled every corner.

There are several survival tips I use in situations like these. To reduce the stimulus and keep myself from getting too overwhelmed. I walked along the sides of the street, avoiding the giant mass of people in the middle. I took a lot of breaks and would sit down whenever I started to feel frazzled. I brought my own water and snacks. Its less expensive and more healthy than purchasing something from a vendor. I’m also gluten free, so most of the food there is off-limits anyway. If I purchase anything, its usually coffee or tea 🙂 I also took a lot of pictures, its a great way to separate myself from the crowd while still enjoying the experience. I have a lot of pictures I’d like to share on here in a future post. I wandered around slowly, just taking everything in. My favourite area was the paintings and sculpture, I could spend hours there.

When I’m with my friends, I’m loud and excitable and silly. I enjoy the fun times and good memories we make. When I’m on my own, I like to take things slowly. I’m more sedate and like to think about things. To analyze, to look, to listen.

Being a quiet person in a loud world can be overwhelming. But I always remind myself that 50% of people are introverts. That means that half the people I saw that day were the same as me! Since becoming aware of my introversion, I’ve started seeing other introverts in the crowd. They’re the ones on the outskirts of conversations. They’re the ones fixated on a beautiful work of art, oblivious to the chaos around them. They might be walking around with a glazed expression, yearning to be home again. Or they could even be the ones running around excitedly, full of energy for a little bit, then needing to take a break.

What are some of your experiences?

Image credit: “Skimmed by Light” by ڪario Reale is licensed under CC by 2.0


11 thoughts on “A quiet person in a loud world

  1. toralil says:

    Nice post! I do take a lot of photos, but not until I read this I have thought about it from an introvert perspective. Cause most photos are of my family, but still I wonder if it is not a way for me to be part of something without taking part so much. It’s about observing. Interesting. Thanks!

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    • Ally says:

      Thanks! For me, taking pictures is less draining than being actively in the middle of things. I can focus in on individual moments rather than being overwhelmed by how much is going on around me 🙂

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  2. VTNessa says:

    There is a brand new cinema, bowling alley, and restaurant combination that friends like to go to, and it is so overwhelming with all the lights, sounds, etc.! I have to take some time alone beforehand as well as after to decompress. Sometimes I’ll even take more restroom breaks than I really need because it is quieter and calmer in there, lol.

    Taking photos is a great way to focus on something else, and it also presents itself as a slight barrier between oneself and others. I’m very rarely approached when I have my camera in hand when in public. 🙂

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    • Ally says:

      Me too! I take so many bathroom breaks when I’m out and about, its the only way to stay sane haha. And I agree, taking pictures does create a bit of a barrier between you and everyone else 🙂


  3. pearlgirl says:

    This is me. Even down to the gluten free. lol

    For me I think taking photos is a way to positively engage my inferior Se, which makes the crowds a tad less overwhelming. It takes me out of reality and allows me to go into my own little zone where it’s just me and my camera.

    I love going off on my own and wandering around, checking things out. There’s such freedom in that. Depending on the situation, though, I’ve found that having a quiet/introvert buddy who can navigate the crowds without the pressure to interact helps too. Then it’s just going on auto-pilot and following along.

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    • Ally says:

      One of my best friends is introverted and we’d always do stuff together. We’d wander around slowly, checking things out and just having fun. And we’d always get drained/overwhelmed around the same time, so we’d always be ready for a break or to head home at the same time. Super convenient 🙂

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  4. Rhonda says:

    I can totally relate. I love going to festivals and crowded events alone. Like you said in your post when you’re with your friends you’re “loud, excitable, and silly” – same with me. But like you, I love to do things alone so I can take my time and soak everything in. When socializing in these types of settings, you can easily miss the little things that us introverts would appreciate. I recently went to a local museum alone on my day off and it was so relaxing. Museums are quiet anyway and it gives you the opportunity to just “be” and not necessarily interact or engage in activity. Great post!

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