Learning how to balance things

couples balancingMost introverts know the struggle of balancing their alone time with their social life.

Since I need so much alone time to stay refreshed and rejuvenated, its hard to force myself to go out with people. But I’m learning that I can’t base my life on someone else’s opinion. When you stay at home by yourself, people might think that you’re reclusive or anti-social. This definitely isn’t true. But if you take the opposite approach and fill your social calendar, you get burned out. And when that happens, you can’t even properly contribute to anything anyway.

For me, after a few hours of socialization, I usually need several hours to recharge. If I’ve gotten overwhelmed and burned out, it takes a lot longer. I’m still working to balance taking care of myself and spending time with others.

There are a few posts I’ve read that have some good ideas on balancing your time. Some suggest giving yourself a certain number of social engagements a week/month, then sticking to that number. If anything additional comes up, you don’t have to feel guilty about refusing an invitation. And you can definitely prioritize certain events over others. That way, you won’t feel bad for taking a rain check on that coffee date, when you know you don’t have the energy. And in a lot of cases, things can be rescheduled.

How do you balance your alone time with your social life?

Image credit: “the balancing act” by kylesteed is licensed under CC by 2.0


4 thoughts on “Learning how to balance things

  1. Warrior Freya says:

    This is something that is still tricky for me, especially since my work requires me to be engaged with people constantly.

    I make plans, but sometimes I have a rough day when I’m supposed to go out and socialize. Or I need that day to recharge but things aren’t going the way they’re ‘supposed’ to.

    Some people see it as me being flaky, when really it’s me understanding my limitations and respecting my own needs.

    When we make plans we assume everything is going to go a certain way, and that we’ll be charged enough to follow through. But that’s not how life works and sometimes plans have to change.

    I try to do any socializing during the week, which leaves my weekends clear for myself. That’s normally my compromise. If I can fit it in during the week, cool. If not then we’ll have to look for a different day during a different week.

    Super special people can have a Saturday lunch, maybe. Super, super special people I’ll work around a Sunday. But overall, I know myself and I know my need for space. If I don’t get it I burn out and then am useless and sometimes hostile. Which isn’t fun or cool.

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    • Ally says:

      I really like the idea of keeping the weekends more free (except for those special occasions), while still being mindful of a need for space when necessary. I always keep my Sundays pretty open, its the one day of the week that I can recharge and get refreshed. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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