Seeing the beauty in things

Winter morningThis morning as I drove to work, small snowflakes were fluttering down delicately. A thin layer of white covered the ground and the branches of the trees, a stark contrast to the dark sky. I felt like pulling to the side of the road and just looking at everything, it was so beautiful. Winter isn’t my favourite season, as I hate being cold, but its definitely a beautiful one.

I’ve realized lately that I’m drawn to the beauty in things around me.

I went to a botanical garden with a close friend this summer. The flowers, scents, and atmosphere made it an incredible experience. But my friend wanted to walk through the different gardens as quickly as possible, even suggesting an early lunch break. I felt as though I could have spent hours there, just sitting and taking everything in. Its a calming and meditative thing for me. If I’m going for a walk and see a bird, or a flower, I just want to look at it for a while, appreciating its uniqueness or beauty. I like to wander, taking in the smells, atmosphere, textures and colours of what I’m seeing. I like to immerse myself in the experience. Now of course I’m talking about activities like going for walks outside, rather than something like a busy shopping trip 🙂

Obviously, I can’t do this all the time. If I need to get to work or to an appointment, I can’t slow down. But I think that its important to be able to appreciate beauty, as it enriches your life and give you a different perspective. I also find it helps calm me down if I’m stressed out or worried.

How do you see things?

Image credit: “Good Morning” by Jyrki Salmi is licensed under CC by 2.0


8 thoughts on “Seeing the beauty in things

  1. 21stCenturySuperwoman says:

    Beautiful. I have the same pull towards stopping and absorbing beauty. It is such a powerful thing, and it is everywhere… I have a post that talks exactly about that: HSPs in a World of Beauty Maybe you see yourself in it 🙂 In any case, cultivate this side of yours. Don’t let others hurry you out of it. It can be a profound source of strength from which you can draw especially when you are going through a tough phase!

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    • Ally says:

      I’ve just finished reading your post and I really relate to everything you mentioned. I definitely feel beauty deeply, as you described so well. I loved your challenge to see the beautiful in things, especially when having a bad day, I’ll definitely have to try that next time I’m feeling down. I love those two pictures you shared, they made me feel so content 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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  2. Courtney Shea says:

    This is really lovely. I especially enjoy the shot that you included with your post. I think it’s harder to appreciate things for some in the winter because it can sometimes be so dark – but it’s my favorite. I love the snow, the overcast (the little we get in Colorado), and honestly just how everyone seems to be around this time of year. The smells at home are so warm 🙂 Thanks for sharing

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  3. Warrior Freya says:

    Beauty is an idea, a concept. A mindset even. In many ways it is much like active listening.

    Most people listen to respond, skimming the sound waves in their brain to form a response without really understanding the information coming in.

    When you truly listen to someone, when you process what he or she has said and think about it, you hear so much more.

    Beauty is everywhere; you just have to slow down enough to actually see what you are looking at.

    Actively look and absorb the world around you rather than skimming through it. Enjoy every sentence, every word, in the story. : )

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