That perfect feeling of contentment

KittyI find that being perfectly content is a very elusive feeling for me.

Even on my weekends or days off, I often have a lot to get accomplished, so I end up running around getting things done. While this gives me a great sense of accomplishment, I still struggle to feel content. Every evening I always take time to read something for a bit, or catch up on a couple of television shows. And while this is enjoyable and helps me recharge, I don’t feel content afterwards.

So I started thinking about the times when I felt truly content. Weekends by a lake with a good book. Not necessarily even reading it the whole time, just taking in everything around me. The hot sun beating down on my skin, or the cool touch of a breeze. The smell of the water, or freshly cut grass. Looking out at the blue brilliance of the river, there’s something so calming about water. Or dipping my toes into an icy lake while balancing on the rocks. The buzz of insects and the songs of birds. Or on a cool autumn evening, curling up in a blanket with a good book. A steaming mug of tea beside me, the scent of chai in the air. Even moments spent with good friends, talking and laughing over a cup of coffee, or snuggling on the couch. These are the times where I’ve felt truly content.

This feeling of contentment recharges me like nothing else. For me, being in nature is so calming. With winter coming up faster than I’d like, I need to think of some way to create a space where I can feel content.

Any ideas for me? What makes you feel content?

Image credit: “Teek still loves a good snuggle” by splityarn is licensed under CC by 2.0

4 thoughts on “That perfect feeling of contentment

  1. randomstuffaboutrandoms says:

    Lovely post. Like yourself, I love nature. I have spent many a time sitting on a patch of grass, overlooking wildlife, whilst listening to country music. As for the winter, I love driving to the coast, park facing the sea, open the window and listen.


  2. jeanneahlers says:

    I live in North Dakota, so our summers always seem so much shorter than the winters. I also love being in nature, and have a beautiful pergola tucked away right in the middle of my yard, where no one can see in, and I can barely see out. But in the winter, its a snow bank, so I have a spare bedroom filled with plants and books and craft supplies. I have a table, and I’m looking for a chaise lounge to place in there, along with an electric fireplace perhaps, since its a chilly room. But its a sanctuary of sorts, peaceful and quiet, and filled with the plants I love. (I’m a Master Gardener.) I know exactly how you feel about the calmness of nature; there’s nothing like it. 🙂


    • Ally says:

      That sounds like such a beautiful place you have, I love the sound of your sanctuary too, it seems like such a calm and peaceful room 🙂


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