My love of routine

HuggingI’m a creature of habit. I love the comfort and security of routine. As a little girl, I would always be so upset whenever my parents would surprise us with a family walk, or a trip to the store. I’d enjoy myself once we arrived, but I hated the period of being surprised and out of my comfort zone. Even now I don’t enjoy surprise parties or being the centre of attention.

Even as an adult, there’s something about routine. I love getting up at the same time, grabbing a cup of tea in the mornings, going for a workout right after I’ve finished work. I tend to inject a little bit of adventure in my weekends. I’ll check out some event downtown or go for a walk along the river. Or I’ll go spend some time at a cozy coffeeshop. These things aren’t part of my daily/weekly routine, but they’re always carefully planned.

I also love spending my spare time with one or two special people. It doesn’t really matter what we do, I just cherish the closeness and time spent together. I avoid large parties and group outings (most of the time) unless its a special event.

There are definite advantages to both ways of thinking. My quiet, routine life allows me the time I need to recharge. But doing something spontaneous with others can be a lot of fun too!

Do you like keeping to your routine, or do you tend to be more adventurous?

Image credit: “Hugging” by Raul Lieberwirth is licensed under CC by 2.0


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