Moments of quiet

DrivingThis morning the weather was quite bad and traffic in the city was slow. It took me almost three times as long as normal to get to work due to the backed up traffic. I could see that there were a lot of impatient drivers, weaving in and around cars, but never getting ahead. But I rather enjoyed the drive.

Of course, I would have preferred to get to work at my normal time, but I wasn’t overly bothered by the slow moving traffic. I had a mug of coffee that I brought with me, I was listening to some of my favourite music (and singing along) and was thoroughly enjoying my alone time. And when I finally did get to work, I was in a really good mood.

When I was in college, I took a speaking class (one of the scariest and most rewarding things I’ve done). And during one of my speeches, I encouraged people to take advantage of small moments of alone time. Interestingly, this was before I found out I was an INFJ and introverted, but it makes a lot of sense in retrospect.

I love those little pockets of calm and silence and quiet that you can sometimes find in the day. Its like finding a small treasure when you least expect it.

What do you like to do when you have a small moment of spare time?

Image credit: “The Drive” by Faramarz Hashemi is licensed under CC by 2.0


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