Tips for surviving an open office

CoffeeI work in an open office. Now its a smaller office (about 8-10 of us work in it) but there are still a lot of distractions. Here’s a few things I’ve done to help reduce over-stimulation and make things more enjoyable.

Plants in the office (I have small ones on my desk) partially block the view and create a bit of a “wall” dividing me from everyone else.
I keep my desk super bare (I personally can’t stand clutter in front of me) so I don’t get distracted by things in front of me
I put my phone as far away from me as possible (with it still being on the desk) so its not constantly staring me in the face
I have little inspirational quotes and comics posted on a board beside me
I take small breaks to walk around the office and clear my head
If I’m feeling fuzzy or overwhelmed, I’ll leave my desk and make some tea (and then take about 5 minutes to sit and drink it)

These are a few things that I do, what kind of things do you do to make your work easier as an introvert?

Image credit: “Flat White Coffee” by Russell James Smith is licensed under CC by 2.0


2 thoughts on “Tips for surviving an open office

  1. Me says:

    Around noon I regularly get out of the office and drive to a calm place with a nice view looking out on a forest. I put on some music and eat my lunch in the car. Good times 🙂


    • Ally says:

      That sounds like the perfect break, I think I will try listening to music as well, since I can’t always leave the office 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


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