I love walks

PathI really enjoy going for walks. With friends, or by myself. I love surrounding myself in nature, walking by the river, through the trees, or along a lake. I love getting lost in thought and spending hours coming up with ideas and plans and thoughts and dreams. I love how restorative this time can be. I also love sitting in a park/greenspace and reading for hours, the sun shining on my pages and a light breeze ruffling my hair. It is just so relaxing and restful. How do you get your quota of quiet time?

Image credit: “Along the Canal Path” by Kenneth Spencer is licensed under CC by 2.0


10 thoughts on “I love walks

  1. beingeternal says:

    Nice Post! My ME time resonates closely with yours. A refreshing walk to the green, being myself in the silence of nature, reading a readable and understandable book. I guess, there is nothing more energizing than the nature.

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  2. fairymeisie says:

    Nothing better than being outside and being one with nature. It does wonders for the mind and soul. Mother Nature (when she’s in a good mood) can whisper such soothing words to one (is that makes any sense) 🙂


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